John Boyega Is Done With ‘Star Wars’

Since the release of The Rise of Skywalker, actor John Boyega has sent a slew of mixed messages to the public about his character’s potential return to the Star Wars franchise. Boyega’s gone from denying his return to admitting that it would be a “no brainer” to play Finn again. And while the last time he spoke publicly about the character, he seemed a bit more optimistic, in one of his latest interviews the actor made it clear that he may actually be done with the franchise for good.

Speaking with Sirius XM’s “Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang“, the actor candidly expressed his lack of interest in returning. He said, “At this point I’m cool off it.”

He also went on to clarify that he didn’t have anything against the films, but rather that he thinks Finn’s character arc is over.

“I’m good off. I think Finn is at a good confirmation point where you can just enjoy him in other things, the games, the animation. But I feel like ‘[Episode] VII’ to ‘[Episode] IX’ was good for me,” he added.

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Speaking about some of his other upcoming projects and other actors he’s had a chance to work alongside since the sequel trilogy concluded, Boyega also explained that he’s starting to mature more as an actor, saying “versatility is [his] path.”

Although it seems like Boyega has doubled down on his decision to return to the Stars Wars galaxy, it is important to note that anything is possible. After all, we did get the original cast to return in the sequel trilogy. Sadly, we’ll just have to wait another few decades before we get to know for sure if Boyega really has sworn off the Star Wars films, or if he was just bluffing for the chance to do/make more.

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