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D23: Disney & Marvel Video Game Showcase

The First ever Disney video game showcase!

Disney has been in the video game business for a while, ever since they made “Mickey Mouse” for
Nintendo’s game and watch series back in 1981. However, on September 9, 2023, Disney hosted their
first-ever showcase for video games since the event started 13 years ago. Disney was finally going to
take an even bigger leap into the video game world, turns out it was more like a stumble.

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Showcases for video games are held every year by industry leaders and developers such as Sony,
Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, and Devolver Digital. With Disney stepping into the fold it felt as
though the company could be making some big moves in the industry. With mega announcements
coming out of D23 all weekend there had to be something amazing to come out of this showcase as

This show felt like an afterthought for Disney, like the black sheep of the weekend that was shoved
in the corner. Twenty-three minutes were given to this showcase with a total of 16 games shown. The
biggest announcement of the event came at the end in the form of an Untitled game that will involve the story of Black Panther and Captain. This game is announced without a title was the icing on the
half-baked cake that was this showcase.

Other highlights include the world premiere of “Illusion Island,” a 4-play co-op, 2D platformer game
that has a fantastic art style. Maybe the quickest gameplay clip is ever shown in a video game showcase
of ”Marvel’s Midnight Suns” that is slated to come out later this year. As well as a CG trailer for “Avatar
Frontiers of Pandora.” We were also given announcements of 5 mobile games, which can be a huge
chunk of revenue for Disney and maybe nice to people to play as they wait in line at Disneyland, but
not the most exciting announcements to make in a showcase.

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Disney’s first gaming showcase was lackluster at best. With big games out there such as Spider-
Man 2, Star Wars: KotOR, Jedi: Survivor and Indiana Jones, which were absent from the show leaves me
feeling disappointed. The fact that some of those games were in the sizzle reel to close the show was
an even bigger frustration. On the bright side, it can only get better from here. Disney hand
picking developers to make their games shows that the future is bright for Disney’s IP being turned
into amazing gaming experiences, which can lead to them putting on some great showcases.

All games shown:
● Tron Identity
● Illusion Island
● Marvel’s Midnight Suns
● Marvel Stike Force
● Marvel Snap
● Alien’s Dark Descent
● Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
● Lego the Skywalker Saga: Galactic Edition
● Return to Monkey Island
● Gargoyles Remstered
● Disney Mirrorverse
● Speedstorm
● Dreamlight Valley: Toy Story DLC
● Avatar Reckoning
● Untitled Black Panther & Captain America game
● World of Heros

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