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New Disney Short Reveals First Plus-Size Female Protagonist, Promotes Body Positivity

Last month, the second season of Disney’s acclaimed Short Circuit series came to an end with the premiere of a short film titled Reflect. While not too many people discussed the film after its debut, over the last few weeks – and hours – it’s gained a considerable amount of buzz for an odd yet impactful reason.

Now, if you haven’t seen the short yet – go see it! It’s literally on Disney+ right now. The rest of this article will contain some mild spoilers. YOU WERE WARNED.

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For those who have seen the short, it revolves a young ballet dancer who learns to overcome her own insecurities and battles her own reflection in an attempt to “[channel] her inner strength, grace and power.”

What makes this story even more profound is the fact that its main character is plus-size.

As Daily Mail points out, the villains and sidekicks in most of Disney’s animated films are traditionally the only plus-sized characters. Not only have some Disney fans welcomed the change, they are also coming forward and praising Disney for creating something so fresh and empowering.

And, after seeing it for ourselves, we couldn’t agree more!

The short, directed by Hillary Bradfield, is available to stream exclusively on Disney+ now.

SOURCE: Dailymail

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