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Shawn Levy Reassures Fans That ‘Deadpool 3’ Will Remain Rated R, Confirms Shooting Date

Ryan Reynolds is DEADPOOL, aka Wade Wilson, aka the Merc with the Mouth.

In case you’re still skeptical about the MCU’s version of Deadpool being watered down, Shawn Levy has come forward yet again to reassure fans about that he won’t let that happen.

In a new interview with Collider, the popular writer, director, and producer spoke candidly for the first time in a while about his intent to make the film as honest to the character and the comics as possible.

When asked about how development on the project is coming along, he says, “We are writing, rewriting, developing, prepping ‘Deadpool’ every day now. It is such a blast to laugh every day. It is so delicious to hear and write and come up with these scenes where people are just talking foul. And the violence is in your face and hardcore, and it’s very much a ‘Deadpool’ movie. “

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He adds that working on a Deadpool movie is “one of the most fun creative experiences of my life because it’s not just that it’s rated R. It’s that it’s so filled with self-awareness, and that makes in-writing very, very fun in a way that is unique to that franchise.”

Levy eventually reveals that one of the biggest regrets of his career (!) was being “strong-armed into recutting The Internship from an R to a PG-13.” He says that because he knows how bad a watered-down project can be, he is not going to back down and has every intent of making the best Deadpool movie to date.

“I’m having so much fun, and I haven’t even hit the shooting floor yet,” he continues, before revealing that production on the film is already slated to begin next year! When asked if the film might begin in or around May, before the Summer, Levy casually confirmed the date.

“On or about [then],” he says. “The truth is the more digitally CG-heavy a movie is, the longer time you need in post. But obviously it’s the first Deadpool movie in the MCU. There’s going to be no lack of visual effects. But it’s also a North Star priority for Ryan and I to keep Deadpool raw, gritty, grounded in the ways that those movies have been and that all of us love.”

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Currently, it’s unclear if the film will follow the continuity – or at least have the main character remember the continuity – from the first two films, or if this will be a soft reboot of sorts. Could the upcoming Multiverse arc be used as a way to shoehorn him in? Or was he always there? With a meta character like Deadpool, the possibilities are endless.

The UNTITLED DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE FILM, or whatever it winds up being called, is set to be directed by Shawn Levy (Free GuyThe Adam Project). Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick return to the franchise to write. Kevin Feige will produce.

The film will be released in theaters on November 8th, 2024.

SOURCE: Collider

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