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RUMOR: The Next Deadpool Film Gets A New Name, Channing Tatum In Talks To Join

For a while it seemed as if Marvel Studios’ Deadpool film was frozen in its tracks. However, since it was announced that Hugh Jackman would be joining Ryan Reynolds’ titular antihero to reprise his iconic role of Wolverine in the film, you can feel that this project has become a priority and that production has been ramping up.

Now, aside from a slight release date change, there have been no other official updates on the film. But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from spinning.

You might recall a few weeks ago Daniel RPK revealed that there were potentially plans for the 2005 version of Fox’s Fantastic Four to make an appearance in the film. While that is still very much a rumor, this week the industry insider shared two more tidbits he’s heard about the film that are sure to excite fans too.

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First, RPK revealed that Ryan Reynolds has actually approached Channing Tatum about appearing in the third film. For those who may not recall, prior to the Disney-Fox merger, Tatum was attached to star and direct a film about the popular X-Men member Gambit. Obviously that project eventually got shelved. While Tatum has expressed interest in making the movie still and playing the character over the years, nothing has ever come of it…until perhaps now.

It’s unclear if the talks between Reynolds and Tatum have advanced, or if Tatum has even been asked to play Gambit. He could wind up playing a different character altogether. Still, between this rumor and the previous one, you can’t help but wonder if Deadpool is going to be crossing paths with all of Fox’s superheroes on his way through the Multiverse to the live-action version of Earth-616.

It’s also worth pointing out that this rumor aligns with the multiversal aspect the film seems to be going for, especially after the rumor of Owen Wilson Mobius playing some kind of role in the film. That’s not all though.

Additionally, RPK says that on the latest casting grid he’s seen for the film, the film is no longer titled Deadpool 3. Instead, it’s referred to as UNTITLED DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE FILM. Now, obviously that won’t be the film’s final title – although it would be hilarious if it stuck. But it looks as if now the studio is interested in selling it as more of a team-up than a third solo outing with Wolverine simply being a guest star.

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Now, as always, because this info has yet to be confirmed by a major trade or Marvel Studios we urge you to take it with a grain of salt. Regardless, we’d love to hear what you think about these rumors so be sure to sound off below!

Currently, it’s unclear if the film will follow the continuity – or at least have the main character remember the continuity – from the first two films, or if this will be a soft reboot of sorts. Could the upcoming Multiverse arc be used as a way to shoehorn him in? Or was he always there? With a meta character like Deadpool, the possibilities are endless.

The UNTITLED DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE FILM, or whatever it winds up being called, is set to be directed by Shawn Levy (Free GuyThe Adam Project). Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick return to the franchise to write. Kevin Feige will produce.

The film will be released in theaters on November 8th, 2024.


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