Disney Calls Out “Alienated” Prices, Addresses Affordability Issues

Disney CEO Bob Iger is tackling the tough financial issues amonst The Walt Disney Company, calling out “alienated” prices that held consumers back from enjoying Disney.

In the Q1 2023 earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger shared with board members and stakeholders that the company has taken action on “pricing initiatives” to increase accessibility to the Disney brand:

Iger shared “that some of our pricing initiatives were alienated to consumers. I have always believed that accessibility is a core value of the Disney brand. We were not perceived to be as accessible to as affordable to many segments, as we probably should have been… We started to address it… And the steps that we took were actually very, very positive.”

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Whether or not Disney was alluding to the rising concern amongst the fan community in pricing of DIsney Parks tickets, products, and more is unclear, but Iger is clear on Disney making the Mickey Mouse brand far more accessible to audiences of all segments.

SOURCE: @ScottGustin via Twitter

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