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SEE IT: Jimmy Kimmel Unveils ‘Top Gun’-Inspired Trailer For The Oscars

The 95th annual Academy Awards are officially less than a month away. To get the public excited, host Jimmy Kimmel has revealed a trailer for the event.

A parody of the critically acclaimed Top Gun: Maverick, the 4 minute long video features Kimmel pitching his ideas to film stars Jon Hamm and Charles Parnell.

Now, you’re probably wondering if there are usually trailers for the Oscars. The answer is “no.”

Traditionally, there are some playful teasers and TV spots, so Kimmel is certainly treading new ground with this level of promotion. Given that this isn’t even his first time, the level of commitment is especially surprising.

Now, this could just be Kimmel’s way of assuring viewers that there will be lots to look forward to this year, and deter them from tuning in in the hopes seeing another scandal similar to last year’s “slap heard around the world.”

Whatever the case, we’ll just have to wait until March 12th to find out for ourselves. And this trailer has seriously got us pumped!

Check it out for yourself down below!

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