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It’s that time of the week again! We’ve had some pretty exciting news this week, with new series, variant covers, and the appearance of a fan favourite. Let’s check out all of the news from Marvel Comics this week.

Amazing Spider-Man #26. Written by Zeb Wells and Art by John Romita Jr. Variant Cover by Simone Bianchi. On sale 31st May.

Amazing Spider-Man

As we heard previously, some big things are happening for Peter Parker, and issue #26 is set to shock us all! This groundbreaking issue ties up the riveting storyline that has seen Peter Parker pushed to his limits, and to celebrate in style, there’ll be some incredible variant covers by some amazing artists. On 17th April, we were given our first look at one of the covers, with Spidey swinging into action above the Brooklyn Bridge, a location that holds horrible memories for Peter, as it’s the place where he lost Gwen Stacy. Be sure to keep an eye out for more variant covers as they’re announced, and you’ll definitely want to pick up the issue when it goes on sale on 31st May.

Captain America #750. Written by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing and more. Art by Carmen Carnero, R.B. Silva and more. Cover by Gary Frank. On sale 5th July.

Captain America

Both Captains America are currently in an epic crossover Cold War that started on 12th April. So what will happen when it’s over? Never fear, because Marvel has announced their giant-sized next chapter for both Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers. To celebrate Captain America reaching the milestone issue #750, a whole host of writers and artists will come together to give us some incredible Cap stories. See what’s in store Sam and Steve, find out about the secret origin of Sam’s new shield, and see the bold new direction for Sharon Carter. Plus, find out more about the cost of victory for both Caps and see the rocky reunion of Steve and Bucky. All of this and more to honour this incredible milestone for the Star Spangled Man, coming to your favourite comic book store on 5th July.

  • Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #29
  • Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #30
  • Marvel Avengers #3
  • Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1
  • Marvel Deadpool #9
  • Marvel Immortal X-Men #13
  • Marvel Moon Knight
  • Marvel Venom #22


While we wait with bated breath for one of the biggest events in mutant history, why not check out some of the variant covers to celebrate the upcoming Hellfire Gala? Krakoa’s biggest night promises to be an eventful one this year, as the Fall of X finally begins. Throughout July, you can get your hands on some special variant covers for some of your favourite comic book runs. Check them all out now!

Need more mutants in your life? Well, don’t worry my friends, as a special limited series is coming to our stores. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Magneto, then this is one for you. After making a promise to his old friend Professor X, Magneto takes on one of his most challenging roles yet – teacher! Find out more about how he took on this challenge, a dark secret that threatened to ruin it all, and how one student may have taken all of his lessons to heart. This look into one of Marvel’s most conflicted and complicated characters hits the stands on 2nd August.

Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1 (of 5). Written by Ann Nocenti and art by Paolo Villanelli. Cover by Mike McKone. On sale 5th July.

Captain Marvel

I for one can never get enough Carol Danvers in my life. And while she’s leading an all-new team in the current Avengers run, we’ll get to see more of Earth’s Mightiest Hero in her very own limited series. All-around legend Ann Nocenti will be helming the story and will see Carol go up against one of Captain Marvel’s most dangerous enemies. Carol takes to the skies and alien planets, and with enemies old and new after her. But she’s not alone, as a new group of young heroes will be there to help her out. Check back for more information on Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest, and be sure to pick up issue #1 on 5th July.

Moon Knight

In July, all of us Moon Knight fans will be getting an incredible oversized anniversary issue of Moon Knight #25! Moon Knight’s past comes back to haunt him as he hunts down his latest enemy, who is someone he already knows. An all-star line-up of incredible artists will take us on this epic, giant journey. And to top it all off, issue #25 will also see the official comic book debut of our favourite TV show character, Layla El-Foauly!!

Plus, if that isn’t enough, be sure to check out Moon Knight: City of the Dead, as Marc Spector takes on one of his most deadly missions yet. Follow the Fist of Khonshu as he travels the underworld on a quest to save a young runaway. But I bet you’re wondering, where is Layla? Well, wonder no more, as the City of the Dead will see Layla El-Faouly’s superhero debut as the all-new Scarlet Scarab. Check it out on 19th July!

Loki #1 (of 4). Written by Dan Watters and art by German Peralta. Lady Loki variant cover by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.


As we know, Loki is making a comeback in a limited series starting in June. As Loki navigates life as the ‘benevolent’ God of Stories, while also trying to reign in ancient weapons that have been scattered across the ten realms, he also visits some of his past looks and favourite personas. So of course, this means that Lady Loki is making a comeback! To mark this momentous occasion for Loki’s new life, superstar Stanley “Artgem” Lau has designed a special variant cover featuring Lady Loki. Be sure to pick up a copy on 7th June, when issue #1 is on sale.

  • Marvel Carnage #13
  • Marvel Cult of Carnage: Misery #1
  • Marvel Extreme Venomverse #1
  • Marvel Extreme Venomverse #2


This year marks the 35th anniversary of everyone’s favourite symbiote, Venom. We’re all super excited for the Summer of Symbiotes, which will expand the Venomverse to incredible lengths. But we always want more Venom, and Marvel is giving it to us. This summer, Venom legend Ryan Stegman will create a special range of variant covers. You’ll be able to find Venom the Other variant covers on select symbiote titles this year, showcasing some incredible venom incarnations. For the full list of titles, check out marvel.com now!

Marvel Age #1000 Cover
Marvel Age #1000. Written by J. Michael Straczynski, Dan Slott and more. Art by Kaare Andrews, Micheal Allred and more. Cover by Gary frank. On sale 30th August.

Happy Birthday, Marvel!

August 31st will be the 84th birthday of Marvel Comics. Marvel has shaped pop culture, inspired minds, and has become a part of everyday life. To celebrate their big birthday, Marvel will be bringing together some of their biggest creators in Marvel Age #1000. With incredible new stories, exploration of some classic tales, and a few surprises, this is one you don’t want to miss. Plus, we’ll get to see the return of an old tradition, as Marvel Age #100 will see The Marvel Comics Value Stamp come back. Be sure to check out all of the amazing stories and more on 30th August.

  • Amazing Spider-Man #29 Minnie Mouse Captain Marvel
  • Marvel Disney100
  • Marvel Disney100

And Happy 100 Years, Disney!

Marvel isn’t the only one celebrating this year, as The Walt Disney Company will celebrate a milestone 100th anniversary. There’s a whole host of incredible titles and variant covers coming to the Marvel universe, and it hasn’t stopped yet. From July to September, be sure to pick the Disney100 variant covers for Amazing Spider-Man! Featuring some of our favourite Disney characters taking on the role of the most iconic Marvel Heroines. See Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck on their incredible covers later this year!

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