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Marvel Comics: News April 1st-9th

April 12, 2023Sarah Taylor

The first week of April saw the end of C2E2 and the start of the 2023 Star Wars Celebration. There’s been some exciting news this week, and a few little hints at what we can expect in the future. Here’s all the Marvel Comics news from the first week of April.

Summer of Symbiotes Takes Over!

At the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, some very special guests gave fans the rundown on what’s coming up for our symbiotic superstars. You can check out all the details in our article here, but be prepared for new symbiotic sensations, a multiversal journey to take out all Venoms, and a monstrous fight for a throne.

As a special little extra, we also got to see the covers of Extreme Venomverse #4 and #5! Get ready for a new manga-inspired symbiote, a petrifying plant from superstar Peach Momoko, and Jeff the Landshark as you’ve never seen him before!

  • Amazing Spider-Man #25

Spidey Spectaculars

The current run of Amazing Spider-Man has seen Peter Parker shunned by those most important to him. And the question that surrounds this series is “What did Peter do?” Well, readers are currently getting their answers, and all will be revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #25, on sale 10th May. Marvel promises it will ‘pack a heavy emotional punch’, with further promises that issue #26 will be the most shocking in 50 years! Amazing Spider-Man #25 will be a double-sized issue and will have a whole bunch of variant covers.

In other Spidey news, our latest addition to the Spider-Family has been a huge success! Spider-Boy was introduced in Spider-Man #7, and the issue sold out super quickly. It will get a second printing on 17th May, along with a brand new variant cover by Luciano Vecchio. If you want to see more Spider-Boy, then be sure to pick up Edge of Spider-Verse #3 in June!

  • X-Men #24
  • Immortal X-Men #13
  • X-Men Red #13
  • X-Men Wolverine
  • X-Men X-Force
  • X-Men: Before the Fall - Sinister Four #1
  • X-Men Astonishing Iceman
  • Dark X-Men #1
  • X-Men Realm of X #1

Something X-tra

The Fall of X is slowly creeping closer, and the Marvel Universe may never be the same again. Last week, fans got a glimpse at the X-Men related titles that will be dropping in July, ahead of the major event. So let’s take a look at what’s in store for all of mutantkind.

X-Men #24

Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara will bring the story of a deadly mercenary who comes to town just when he isn’t needed, as Pogg Ur-Pogg takes on the X-Men!

Immortal X-Men #13

This issue is all about Doug Ramsey, and he’s here to tell us just what Krakoa thinks. As Marvel tells us, “Time is running out. Fall is here. Doug is the voice of Krakoa. It’s time for Krakoa to speak.”

X-Men Red #13

Genesis is back, and she’s brought her Annihilation Staff with her. But what’s her end goal? And should there be celebrations on her return, or should they be afraid? Only the Great Ring can decide, and they had better do it fast.

Wolverine #35

See the finale of Wolverine’s very own Clone Saga! The conclusion of the Weapons of X storyline promises to be brutal but also offers some clues as to what to expect for the future of Krakoa.

X-Force #42

The continuation of one of the most shocking stories in Krakoa. This is one Beast of a story that you won’t want to miss, as we find out if the X-Force can stop the threat to all Mutantkind.

X-Men: Before The Fall – Sinister Four #1

This will be the first of four important one-shots that will set up Fall of X. Nathanial Essex – aka Mister Sinister – had a plan as he was dying at the end of the eighteenth century. He set four clones of himself free into the world, and they’ve been hiding in the shadows ever since. While Sinister’s actions are no secret to us, check out these one-shots to find out more about his clones.

New Series

So that’s the lead-up to The Fall of X, but what about the aftermath? Marvel has announced 3 new series that will be starting later this year to deal with the fallout.

First up, we have Astonishing Iceman. Bobby Drake will go on an incredible new journey as Earth’s protector, featuring a new base of operations, different ways of using his abilities, and ferocious new enemies. Issue #1 is on sale on 2nd August.

And now for something a little darker. After The Fall of X scatters our heroes, Madelyn Pryor takes the lead with her own special super team, Dark X-Men. Joining Madelyn Pryor are Havok, Archangel, Gambit, Azazel, Zero, Albert and Emplate. This group of bandits are trying their best to do the right thing. But with the Goblin Queen as a leader, maybe things might now be quite what they seem. Start on a dark journey from 23rd August.

Finally, let’s take a trip across the Ten Realms with some of the fiercest warriors. Realm of X sees a band of merry mutants land in whimsical war, all headed by a familiar foe. Join Magik, (former) Valkyrie Dani, Moonstar, Marrow, Dust, Curse and Typhoid Mary as they take down the mysterious enemy, and stop them from manipulating mutantkind! Realm of X # is on sale 23rd August.

Thor Annual #1, by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly and Ibraim Roberson. Cover Kubert. On sale 5th July.

Thor vs M.O.D.O.K

July will see the release of Thor Annual #1 and will see the God of Thunder take on an unearthly and powerful M.O.D.O.K. Thor’s mighty battle against this famous villain will be a little different, as M.O.D.O.K. Has evolved into a cosmic entity that can go head to head with the most powerful of gods. It’s up to Thor the All-Father to save the Ten Realms and the World Tree, but will he be able best this powerful foe?

Sarah Taylor

Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm a writer from the UK who's a fan of all things comic books. I'll be bringing you news from the world of Marvel comics, character profiles of our favourite heroes and villains, and keeping you up to date with all things Marvel!


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    Marvel Comics: News April 1st-9th

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