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Disney Partnering With Apple For The Future Of Virtual Reality

During Apple’s WWDC event this year, The Vision Pro headset was unveiled. While it looks like a really expensive pair of goggles (which it technically is), a demo teased and touted it as the future of virtual reality. That’s hardly the biggest news though.

During the presentation Disney CEO Bob Iger took to the stage to show how he envisioned the headset could be used to consume Disney content.

Iger announced that when the Apple Vision Pro hits shelves next year, Disney+ will be able to stream in the most immersive way to date.

The headset will reportedly allow users to transport themselves to a totally different environment. To provide consumers with a perfect example, a teaser was unveiled that demonstrated an episode of The Mandalorian being streamed from the sands of Tatooine. It suggested that not only could viewers customize their viewing experience, but they could literally become a part of the programs they choose to watch too.

The teaser also showcased how Disney+ users might be able to watch sports in VR and travel the literal world with any of the programing from the app’s National Geographic section.

Although several comparisons have already been made to Meta’s Oculus and other similar industry standard headsets, the teaser shown promises that the viewer will be less of a bystander and more of an actual participant in what’s going on. Given that we’ve only gotten a teaser so far, however, we’ll still have to wait until next year to see if it lives up to that promise.

In the meantime, you can check out that teaser for yourself below!

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