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Marvel Comics: May News Round-Up

The month of May offered up news about some fun variant covers, new solo series, and some ground-breaking events for the Marvel Universe. Let’s take a look at all the Marvel Comics news from May!

Variant Covers

  • Marvel Comics Star Wars #35
  • Marvel Comics Sana Starros #5
  • Marvel Comics Star Wars: Yoda #8
  • Marvel Comics: Immortal X-Men #12
  • Marvel Comics Captain America: Cold War Omega #1

Pride Month Variant Covers

Every June, we celebrate Pride Month! And yes, we should be showing more consistent support for creators and characters who are part of the LGBTQ+ community every day of the year. But June is a special time in which Marvel gives us a range of Pride variant covers.

Earlier in the year, StarWars.com revealed the first four covers in their Pride Month celebrations. But now we’ve been shown all seven of the special variant covers that we can expect to see. This year’s pride month covers will celebrate some of the most well-loved LGBTQ+ characters in a galaxy far, far away. Each of these covers have been created by some of the biggest LGBTQ+ talents, and really captured the beauty of Pride!

But Pride isn’t just for the Star Wars universe! Some of our favourite superheroes will be getting their very own special variant covers throughout June. Each of these covers will celebrate a character who is currently shaking up the Marvel Universe in an ongoing series, a limited series and more! Be sure to check out each of the six covers now!

And if that’s not enough pride for you, be sure to pick up your copy of Marvel Voices: Pride on 14th June!

  • Marvel Comics Edge of Spider-Verse #3

Character Spotlight Covers

The Invincible Iron Man has been an exciting run so far, and there’s more to come! As Tony Stark is trying to take back control of Stark Industries, he’s not alone in the fight. Enter Ironheart! A young super genius that has helped Tony Stark get back out there in the early issues. But will she still be there when Iron Man needs her most? To celebrate this exciting turn of events, be sure to pick up Derrick Chew’s Ironheart variant cover for The Invincible Iron Man #7.

The Fall of X is set to completely change the landscape for all Mutants in the Marvel universe. And that also means that the aftermath of these events will take over Marvel Comics for some time to come. So, when a demon serial killer starts targeting mutants, there are only two people who can deal with it. Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha will hit the stands in August this year. And to celebrate, legend Frank Miller will be creating a special variant cover for issue #1.

Spider-Man #7 saw the debut of a super-sidekick that claims to have been there since the very beginning! The introduction of Spider-Boy saw a great deal of acclaim, and second printings of his arrival were ordered. And now, we’ll finally get to read about Spider-Boy’s incredible backstory! All will start to become clear in End of the Spider-Verse #2, and to celebrate, we have two variant covers! Check them out now and be sure to pick up your favourite on 21st June.

Everyone loves the X-Men, and everyone loves variant covers. And with so much happening for all of mutantkind this year, you can bet there’s a whole load of variant covers! We’ve already heard about a few of them, but there’s even more to come. This July, to celebrate the highly anticipated X-Men ’97 we have something special. Storyboard artist Dan Veesenmeyer has created a variant cover for X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1. The cover spotlights the main characters of the show, as well as getting us more excited for the Fall of X, and the new series. Be sure to pick up the variant cover on 26th July.

Special Celebrations

  • Marvel Comics Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest

But that’s not all of the X-Men excitement! In June, the 2023 class of Marvel Stormbreakers will celebrate some of their favourite Avenger moments from the past. But Earth’s Mightiest Heroes aren’t the only ones celebrating 60 years of comic book history. July will see the Stormbreakers turning their hand to the mutants and celebrating some of the most classic moments from their history. There will be eight incredible covers to collect across a variety of series, so be sure to pick up your favourites throughout July.

  • Marvel Comics Captain America #750 cover by Gary Frank.
  • Captain America #750 Design variant cover by Carmen Carnero.

On 5th July, Captain America will reach an incredible milestone – issue #750! The epic, over-sized issue will show readers what comes next for both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, after the dramatic events of Captain America: Cold War. And to celebrate this occasion, a selection of all-star creators have created a series of variant covers for issue #750. Check out all the covers now and be sure to pick up your favourite.

Death of the Venomverse #1-5 connecting cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

The Summer of Symbiotes is upon us, and we’re already seeing a whole host of incredible things for our symbiotic favourites. All of this will come to a head in August when Death of The Venomverse #1 of 5 is released. To celebrate this incredible event, Gabriele Dell’Otto has created a connecting variant cover that will run across all five issues. It’s an incredible piece of art, and one you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

  • Ultimate Invasion #1 (of 4) main wraparound cover by Bryan Hitch. On sale 21st June.

New Comics

In 2015, the Ultimate Universe came to an end in the Secret Invasion tie-in Ultimate End. This saw the battleworld of both 616 and Ultimate heroes take on each other, before teaming up to fight Doom. Although the Ultimate Universe has since been suggested as still existing (check out Spider-Men II from 2017), there’s still some uncertainty around it’s actual existence. But maybe this uncertainty will finally come to an end, with the release of Ultimate Invasion. This four-part limited series will see some of our favourite heroes in the Marvel Universe go head-to-head with one of the few survivors from the Ultimate Universe. What will this mean for the future of Marvel? Is the Ultimate Universe still out there? And what could be next for our heroic teams? Be sure to pick up issue #1 of Ultimate Invasion on 21st June.

The Fall of X will soon be upon us and will see big changes for all our favourite mutants. While we still don’t know their fates, we do know that this epic event will see the very foundations of everything mutantkind had built completely shaken. At the heart of the X-Men is Jean Grey, and she could hold the power to save all the mutants. But she’ll need to save herself first. To do this, she needs to take a trip to some of the darkest moments in her past. Follow Jean on her harrowing journey, in her very own four-part limited series, and find out if she can find herself in time to save Krakoa.

In August, Thor fans are in for an amazing new comic. Al Ewing’s next immortal saga will see the God of Thunder take on some incredible ancient powers. Immortal Thor, king of Asgard and hero of tales will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. But when it all comes to an end, what will it cost him? Be sure to pick up issue #1 when it hits the stands in August!

Daredevil has had an amazing, multi-year run that has been led by legend Chip Zdarsky. But this run comes to an end this August. What will we do? What will happen to Hell’s Kitchen? Where does Elektra fit into everything? There are so many questions, and the series is ending so soon? Well, never fear, Daredevil fans, because he’ll be back in September, in his new series from Saladin Ahmed and Arron Kuder. You can check out Zdarskey and Ahmed talking all things Daredevil in This Week in Marvel from 18th May.

Specials, One-Shots and Big News


Loki is undoubtedly a fan favourite character, who has been through all kinds of adventures. Both on the screen and on the page, Loki has kept people entertained for many years. While we already know we’re getting a limited series for the now God of Stories, is that enough Loki in your life? Do you want something a little different as well? Then say no more, as Marvel has announced the print comic book debut of Alligator Loki! The extra-sized one-shot will be a collection of the Infinity Comic series that is exclusive to the marvel unlimited app. Plus, see an all-new adventure for this rambunctious reptile, as he makes trouble across the Marvel Universe!

As we already know, both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson have been through a lot this year. With the epic crossover event Captain America: Cold War unleashing all kinds of mayhem into the Marvel Universe, there’s a whole lot going on. But everything must come to an end, and Cap fans should brace themselves for the one-shot Captain America Finale #1 this August. This incredible comic will show us the aftermath of Captain America: Cold War and will see Steve Rogers take his final stand against the Outer Circle. What will Steve do? Can he free the world from the clutches of the Outer Circle? And what will become of Buckey? Be sure to pick up a copy this summer to find out!

Marvel’s Voices has long been a way for the comic book giant to focus more on the world outside your window. It works to bring the fantastic into reality and showcases different communities, as well as different parts of the Marvel Universe. And with 2023 being the 60th anniversary of the X-Men, what better time than now to release Marvel’s Voices: X-Men! Some of the most well-loved creators and new talents bring their own twist to mutantkind in this one-shot of stand-alone stories. Check out some of the tales you can look forward to, and be prepared for much, much more!

All Marvel Comics fans will now have heard the sad news about Ms. Marvel. On 31st May, Amazing Spider-Man #26 saw Kamala Khan make the ultimate sacrifice to save the entire Marvel Universe. And now, we will get to see more about the legacy she left behind, as well as the impact her death has had on all of Marvel’s heroes. Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel will honour and remember one of the most influential and beloved characters of the last 10 years. With co-creator G. Willow Wilson, Ms. Marvel writer Saladin Ahmed, and Mark Waid coming together for this special one-shot, it’s bound to be a beautiful issue that will honour this character, and the impact she has had. Here’s hoping that in true Marvel fashion, we won’t have to wait too long before Kamala is back on our pages once more!

  • Marvel Comics Scarlet Witch Annual #1

Specials and Events

This summer will be the start of something big for Agatha Harkness as she throws some of our biggest heroes into the Contest of Chaos. Starting in the Scarlet Witch Annual #1 this June, we’ll see a recently rejuvenated Agatha steal something mysterious and dangerous from her former pupil. She then sets in motion her corruption and chaos on a whole host of unsuspecting heroes. The rest of the story will feature across eight different annuals starting in August. From Moon Knight to Spider-Gwen, is anyone safe from the Contest of Chaos?

Is there a greater combination in this world than toys and comic books? I think not, and Marvel knows this! With not one but TWO comic collections featuring some nostalgic toy-based characters. First, Marvel announced their collaboration with Hasbro in bringing the Greatest of the Spaceknights back to the page. Rom: The Original Years Omnibus Volume 1 will collect Rom (1979) issues #1-29, and also Power Man and Iron First (1978) #73. Plus, fans will also be able to pick up a facsimile edition of Rom #1!

But that’s not all the nostalgic news Marvel has to offer. In September, Micronauts fans will be able to pick up a copy of Micronauts #1 facsimile edition. Then, in April 2024, you’ll also be able to pick up Micronauts: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus vol. 1. This will collect The Micronauts (1979) #1-29, as well as much much more. This is one you don’t want to miss!

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