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Zachary Levi is Down to Return For a Live-Action ‘Tangled’ Opposite Florence Pugh

It’s been a couple of weeks since we dropped a video on an update on Disney’s live-action Hunchback of Notre Dame, which hinted at a live-action adaptation of Tangled being in the works.

Since then, there have been rumors swirling that Florence Pugh (Oppenheimer, Black Widow) is Disney’s top choice for the role of Rapunzel. While that is unconfirmed at this time, and with the ongoing WGA and SAG AFTRA strikes still ongoing we may not know more about this project for quite some time. That said, fans have been wondering who could be the top choice for Flynn Rider. Well, the original Flynn Rider himself has the perfect choice… himself.

During an appearance at Fan Expo Chicago earlier in August (via The Fan Club) Zachary Levi addressed the rumors of the live-action remake with Pugh. “There was this thing floating around the internet, I just saw it earlier. Someone sent me that Florence Pugh potentially might play Rapunzel. And if Florence played Rapunzel, maybe! Which would also be a trip because my real last name is Pugh, by the way…. so you’d have a ‘Pugh, Pugh’ in Tangled? Come on! That would be really funny,” Levi said, jokingly pitching his involvement in a live-action Tangled film. “But, from a story perspective, I’m not 24.”

Released in 2010 and directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, Tangled features an all-star voice cast that includes Mandy Moore, Levi, Donna Murphy, Brad Garrett, Ron Perlman, and Jeffery Tambor. The film made over $590 million at the global box office and would spawn a series on Disney Channel, which ran for three seasons.

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