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Marvel Comics That Would Make Great Horror Projects

One of my favorite projects from Phase 4 was Werewolf By Night. As someone who grew up loving classic horror movies it was perfect. From the black and white cinematography and partially practical make-up effects, it felt like one of Universal’s classic monster movies. It also marked a change for Marvel as a slightly darker story that really leaned into the horror genre. Prior to Werewolf By Night, the franchise has only briefly dabbled in horror, and mostly with Doctor Strange. While it’s certain we’ll continue to explore that corner of the MCU with projects like Blade, I wanted to compile a list of other heroes and comic books that I think could also be interesting to see.

Ghost Rider

This is the most obvious one. Not just because he’s been brought to life before. The Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider was played by Nicolas Cage in the first two films. Gabriel Luna would also go on to take on the mantle as the Robbie Reyes version in ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Although, Luna was briefly considered to reprise the role in his own show on Hulu, those plans were eventually scrapped. Currently, the door remains open for him to return, but it’s more likely that when the character does return it’ll be portrayed by a different actor. Norman Reedus and Keanu Reeves have previously been rumored for the role, there are currently no official plans to bring the character back. Should Marvel decide they want to do reintroduce him, I think it would be interesting to do a horror flick in the style of a 1970s grindhouse horror flick.

The Monster of Frankenstein

If Marvel wanted to do another project like Werewolf by Night, or another tribute to Universal Monsters, Marvel actually has their own version of Frankenstein’s monster from the comics. It would be cool to see one that exists in the larger Marvel universe and has been brought to the present day even. If they decided to use this character, I think it would be smart to bring Michael Giacchino aboard to direct again. Although it might feel cheesy to see Marvel adapt a well-known character like Frankenstein’s monster, it wouldn’t be the first time they played with a classic monster…


Yes, Morbius is not the only vampire in Marvel’s arsenal. While a lot of people might not know about their version Frankenstein, Marvel’s Dracula is actually a bit more familiar. Out of all the characters on this list, he’s actually come close to being introduced before. “The Tomb of Dracula” comic book series is where Marvel first introduced the iconic hero Blade. With the new movie coming out soon, it wouldn’t be surprising if Dracula made an appearance. It also wouldn’t be surprising if he was set up to be a bigger threat for a team like the Midnight Suns or Legion of Monsters to tackle.

Mort the Dead Teenager

Mort the Dead Teenager was a comic miniseries from the 90s. It was a darkly comedic horror title revolving around a young man named Mort who dies during a street race and comes back as an undead zombie. The comic was so well-received upon release that Marvel actually has tried to adapt it before with some pretty big names actually. Directors like Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino were once attached to adapt the comic into a movie. While, these plans never happened but it shows just how much potential the story has. And despite being a standalone story, it is still technically set in the Marvel universe. In the age of streaming, and following the success of the niche Werewolf By Night, I think this is the exact kind of idea that would make for a great Halloween-themed Special Presentation.

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