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New Details From Disney Dreamlight Valley Showcase

Gameloft Studio’s hosted their first ever livestream showcase for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Fans caught a glimpse of what they can look forward to in the next free content update and beyond. Here is everything that was announced during the stream on November 1st.

Free goodies were granted to viewers while watching the showcase. DDVBALLOON is the first redeemable code to unlock a free item in the game. DDVHEADBAND is the second code. They can be redeemed for a balloon set and a Dreamlight themed Mickey headband. To redeem the items, go to the HELP Menu in the game’s settings and in the codes inside the Redeem text box.

DDV Content Roadmap

Free Content

  • Jack Skellington will be coming in the next free content update, along with new friendship quests, and the Winter Star Path. One of the exclusive items it will come with is the winter outfit for Belle, the very same one from the film.
  • Multiplayer, or the ‘Valleyverse’ is also coming with the December launch. Players will be able to trade and exchange items with their friends. Friends will also be able to visit each others Scrooge McDuck’s shops and buy their items.
  • With the release of 1.0, the developers will be releasing the biggest amount of bug fixes and quality of life changes to make sure the game is as polished as possible. One of these changes is allowing to cook bulk meals instead of cooking each meal individually.
  • Early 2024, the first free content update of the new year will have Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. coming to the Valley. Players may invite them to stay in their Valley after travelling to their Realm through the castle.
  • Summer 2024, Princess Tiana will be coming to the Valley. Daisy will be joining Mickey & Friends and viewers caught a peek at another new realm door in the castle. We can see cherry blossoms blowing out through the door, inviting Mulan to the Valley.

Expansion Pass

A Rift In Time, the first expansion pass, will release December 5th.

  • Players can explore Eternity Isle, where Jafar caused some mischief and the island is trapped in a time rift. Using the hourglass staff, the player may use it to solve the isle’s mysteries, and recruit the help of Rapunzel, Gaston, and EVA.
  • The expansion comes with a new plaza area and two new biomes; the Wild Tangled jungle biome, and the Glittering Dunes desert biome. Each biome comes with new harvesting items and ingredients. We’ll also be finding new critters to befriend such as monkeys, and capybaras.
  • The Hourglass staff is the brand new ‘Royal Tool’ that will be added to your tool wheel. Players can use it to detect hidden treasure that’s buried throughout the Valley and Eternity Isle.
  • The expansion comes with new furniture and crafting items. One of the new items is a sprinkler system to help make your gardening so much easier.
  • A new interactive chess-like board game will be implemented into the game. It is exclusive with the expansion.
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley will be coming to Apple Arcade on December 5th. It comes with the base game and the first expansion, at the cost of removing the premium shop and star path.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is set to leave early access and launch globally with its 1.0 update. Disney Dreamlight Valley and the ‘Rift In Time’ expansion pass will launch globally December 5th.

For the full showcase, check out the video below.

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