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HOCUS POCUS Original Writer Wants To Return For The Sequel

Hocus Pocus might not have enjoyed any critical or commercial success when it was first released by Disney in 1993, however the comedy horror fantasy movie by Kenny Ortega gained quite a name of the years, and now the film has a passionate following.

Last year, word began circulating online that Disney was going to make a TV movie based on the original Hocus Pocus. Though there haven’t been any updates regarding the project for a while, original Hocus Pocus co-writer Mick Garris hasn’t at all forgotten about the film, telling ComicBook.com that he’d still like to work on a follow-up movie for Disney.

I would love to. It was a thing of the past, but it was not a bad experience,” Garris said during an interview with the publication. “It’s not unusual for studios to go through other writers. They did 11 other writers after me, and the first movie didn’t get made until eight years after I had worked on it. But it ended up, even with all those writers, going back to the basic structure that I had done originally, which is why I’ve got three credits on the movie. But yeah, they are going to do a re-imagining of it with none of the original cast. They’re doing it for Freeform, I believe. They are developing the script now. I’ve talked to David Kirschner, the producer, who I like a lot, about it, and if there’s a way I can be involved I would love to.

Though fans of the cult film might be disappointed that Doug Jones, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker won’t be returning to reprise their roles in the new Hocus Pocus, a re-imagining of the movie might help get the film new audiences.

For those who aren’t familiar with the first film, the original Hocus Pocus focuses on three witches that were accidentally resurrected by a teenage boy in Salem, Massachusetts. Together with his sister, the teenage Max Dennison has to try to steal the witch’s book of spells and stop them from becoming immortal.

The new Hocus Pocus movie doesn’t have a release date, but we’ll let everyone know as soon as we get word.

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