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25 Weeks of Pixar: A Viewing Guide

December 29, 2018Josh Sharpe

2019 is going to be a huge year for Disney. We are getting reimagining’s for several classic Disney films, the conclusion of the Star Wars trilogy, and the end of the Avengers as we know it. However, we are also getting a Pixar film long in development: Toy Story 4. This movie takes us back to Pixar’s roots by being the third sequel to Pixar’s first film from 1995. The original Toy Story put Pixar on the map as a filmmaking company in the realm of computer animation and they as a company have continued to tell compelling stories ever since that first groundbreaking film.

Starting next week, from the first of January up until the release of Toy Story 4 in June, I will be revisiting all of the films, shorts, and specials that Pixar has made throughout the years. These 25 Weeks of Pixar will allow me, as well as all of you that follow The DisInsider, to be completely caught up to date with Pixar’s vast library from the last 24 years of Pixar films and the last 35 years of Pixar shorts. Every Sunday, I will be posting a weekly recap of what was viewed that last week. I am including the full 25-week schedule in this post so anyone who is interested can watch along with me. Be sure to tweet @TheDisInsider your thoughts on these weekly viewings or @josh_sharpe22 for my personal account! I have tried to make the viewing loads as equal as possible, but naturally there are some lighter and heavier weeks.

Happy new year and I am looking forward to watching Pixar with all of you!

  • Week 1 (Jan 1-6):

The Adventures of Andre & Wally B– Short (1984)

Luxo Jr– Short (1986- later paired with Toy Story 2)

Red’s Dream– Short (1987)

Tin Toy– Short (1988)

Knick Knack– Short (1989, later paired with Finding Nemo)

  • Week 2 (Jan 6-13)

Toy Story– Film (1995)

Toy Story Treats– Commercial shorts (1996)

  • Week 3 (Jan 14-20)

Geri’s Game– Short (1997, later paired with A Bug’s Life)

A Bug’s Life– Film (1998)

  • Week 4 (Jan 21-27)

Toy Story 2– Film (1999)

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventures Begins– Video film (2000)

  • Week 5: (Jan 28-Feb 3)

For the Birds– Short (2000, paired with Monster’s, Inc)

Monsters, Inc– Film (2001)

Mike’s New Car– Short (2002, paired with Monster’s, Inc video)

  • Week 6 (Feb 4-10):

Finding Nemo– Film (2003)

Exploring the Reef– Short (2003, paired with Finding Nemo video)

  • Week 7 (Feb 11-17):

 Boundin’– Short (2003, paired with The Incredibles)

The Incredibles– Film (2004)

Jack-Jack Attack– Short (2005, paired with The Incredibles video)

Mr. Incredible and Pals– Short (2005, paired with The Incredibles video)

  • Week 8 (Feb 18-24)

One Man Band– Short (2005, paired with Cars)

Cars– Film (2006)

Mater and the Ghostlight– Short (2006, paired with Cars video)

  • Week 9 (Feb 25-Mar 3):

 Lifted– Short (2006, paired with Ratatouille)

Ratatouille– Film (2007)

Your Friend the Rat– Short (2007, paired with Ratatouille video)

  • Week 10 (Mar 4-10):

 Presto– Short (2008, paired with WALL-E)

WALL-E– Film (2008)

BURN-E– Short (2008, paired with WALL-E video)

  • Week 11 (Mar 11-17)

Partly Cloudy– Short (2009, paired with Up)

Up– Film (2009)

Dug’s Special Mission– Short (2009, paired with Up video)

George & A. J.– Short (2009, paired with Up iTunes release)

  • Week 12 (Mar 18-24):

Day & Night– Short (2010, paired with Toy Story 3)

Toy Story 3– Film (2010)

Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation– Short (2011, paired with Cars 2)

  • Week 13 (Mar 25-31)

Cars 2– Film (2011)

Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales– Collection of 11 Shorts (2008-2012)

  • Week 14 (Apr 1-7):

Toy Story Toons: Small Fry– Short (2011, paired with The Muppets release)

Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex– Short (2012, paired with Finding Nemo 3-D release)

  • Week 15 (Apr 8-14):

La Luna– Short (2011, paired with Brave)

Brave– Film (2012)

The Legend of Mor’du– Short (2012, paired with Brave video release)

  • Week 16 (Apr 15-21)

The Blue Umbrella– Short (2013, paired with Monsters University)

Monster’s University– Film (2013)

Party Central– Short (2013, paired with Muppets Most Wanted and Monsters University digitally)

  • Week 17 (Apr 22-28):

Toy Story of Terror– TV Special (2013)

Toy Story That Time Forgot– TV Special (2014)

  • Week 18 (Apr 29-May 5):

Cars Toon: Tales from Radiator Springs– Collection of 4 Shorts (2013-2014)

  • Week 19 (May 6-12):

 Lava– Short (2014, paired with Inside Out)

Inside Out– Film (2015)

Riley’s First Date– Short (2015, paired with Inside Out video release)

  • Week 20 (May 13-19)

Sanjay’s Super Team– Short (2015, paired with The Good Dinosaur)

The Good Dinosaur– Film (2015)

  • Week 21 (May 20-26):

Piper– Short (2016, paired with Finding Dory)

Finding Dory– Film (2016)

Marine Life Interviews– Short (2016, paired with Finding Dory video release)

  • Week 22 (May 27-Jun 2):

 Lou– Short (2017, paired with Cars 3)

Cars 3– Film (2017)

Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool– Short (2017, paired with Cars 3 video release)

  • Week 23 (Jun 3-9):

Coco– Film (2017)

Dante’s Lunch- A Short Tail– Short (2017, paired with Coco video release)

  • Week 24 (Jun 10-16)

Bao– Short (2018, paired with Incredibles 2)

Incredibles 2– Film (2018)

Auntie Edna– Short (2018, paired with Incredibles 2 video release)

  • Week 25 (Jun 17-23)

Toy Story 4– Film (2019)



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    25 Weeks of Pixar: A Viewing Guide

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