Former ‘Spider-Man 3’ And ‘She-Hulk’ Production Dates Revealed

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According to MCU Cosmic, the filming dates for both Spider-Man 3 and Disney+’s She-Hulk were revealed today; however, they’re most likely outdated due to COVID-19.

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The report came from Film & Television Industry Alliance, which list the production dates.

Spider-Man 3 was expected to start shooting July 13th of this year and would have wrapped October 30th, giving it plenty of time for it’s July 16, 2021 release date. Due to the pandemic, the third installment was put on hold

She-Hulk’s production would have started on July 6th of this year but was unfortunately delayed as well.

Currently, most of Disney’s content is put on hold for the time being and there is no word yet on when productions will pick up again.

Source: MCU Cosmic/Film & Television Industry Alliance

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