‘Bad Boys For Life’ Directors Interested In Tackling Deadpool Or Blade

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Directors Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah (Bad Boy for Life) have confirmed to have met with Marvel Studios regarding an upcoming project(s). Comicbook.com reported on this back in January; however, our friends over at DiscussingFilm recently had an interview with the directing duo.

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During the interview, they go into detail and express which Marvel characters they would like to work on.

“Well there’s nothing concrete. They just met us. They said they liked the movie and they just told us, ‘Yo, what do you wanna do? Let’s find something to work together on.’ So there’s nothing really planned yet, it was just like a meeting. But yeah, we’ll see if we find something cool.”

Since the success of Bad Boys for Life, which is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 77% critic rating and 96% audience rating, it comes to no surprise that the duo met with Marvel Studios. The studio loves successful new directors so nabbing them would be a great move.

When asked about which Marvel characters they’d like to tackle, they said they’re leaning more towards the ‘R’ rated aspect.

“We love Deadpool,” said Bilall. Adil then stepped in an said, “Definitely. I mean there is more of an edge. If there was a Marvel character in the Bad Boysworld…” Bilall cuts in and agree’s with Adil. “It would be Deadpool.” However, they quickly start to express love for Blade. “Then Blade is cool too. Well, if you do something like that it’s a high responsibility as well. If they say, yeah you’ll do Deadpool. It’s not as if we’re going to just say yeah – we’ll say “Oh sh*t”. But we love these characters. They’re also rated R characters.“

Having these two take over a more adult themed Marvel film would be a great move. Marvel has stated that they will not shy away from ‘R’ rated Marvel films and we could possibly see them interact with other characters in the future.

Source: DiscussingFilm

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