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Disney CEO Bob Chapek “We’re very encouraged by what we see in Shanghai.”

Newly appointed CEO of Disney Bob Chapek joined Julia Boorstin of CNBC to discuss the status of the Disney Parks on the heels of opening Shanghai Disneyland. “We’re very encouraged by what we see in Shanghai,” Chapek said during the interview. He is hoping that if all goes well that they can increase capacity by 5000 guests per week as long as everything continues to trend that way, and everyone follows rules and regulations set by the government and Disney itself. Bob Chapek says the company will be “very conservative” as it reopens its theme parks.

There has been no timeline set as to when we see the other parks open in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, and of course, here in the United States. Chapek said that they are very pleased with the progress they have seen in Shanghais preparation from when Disneytown opened a month ago all the way to the park opening today. He did say that the biggest thing that hinges on the parks is how the guests accept the new rules that are being laid out.


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Then Mr. Chapek was pressed a bit on the opening of the parks in the United States. He would not comment as to when he thinks they will open. He said that they in constant communication with medical personnel, the federal government, state government, and local government. Just like all eyes being in Shanghai this week, all eyes will be on Orlando next week when Disney Springs will begin its phased reopening.

The biggest take away from the interview was the fact Mr. Chapek says it will be very likely that masks will be required to be worn by both cast members and guests. He is not sure how guests in the United States will be able to handle wearing masks constantly. He says the culture in Asia is different than in the states. Even before COVID, it was not uncommon to see people wear masks.

Would you be ok wearing a mask all day long to be able to go to your favorite Disney Park?

Source: CNBC

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