Rumor: Younger Bruce Banner to Appear in ‘She-Hulk’ Disney+ Series

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Marvel Studios is currently on pre-production on their newest Disney+ series, She-Hulk. The studio found their titular character, and with casting ongoing, a new report has emerged stating we could be seeing a new version of one of the Avengers.

According to The Direct, She-Hulk is set to feature a younger version of Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner. Marvel Studios is currently casting an actor around the age of 10 years old for the role. Additional information has yet to be revealed.

A younger version of Bruce Banner could point to two things. First, we already know that Mark Ruffalo is set to make an appearance in the series as the current Bruce Banner, and the last time we saw him, he was playing with time travel as professor Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, time travel could play a part in the series as the studio looks to be playing the idea in WandaVision and in Loki.

Another idea, which seems more likely, is that a younger Bruce Banner could be used for flashbacks, as Banner and Jennifer Walters are cousins and did grow up together, which could give us a little insight on Bruce’s life growing up. In the comics Bruce had an abusive father, that helped fuel his rage as Hulk. Nonetheless, we will have to wait and see where the studio intends to go officially.

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Orphan Black star, Tatiana Maslany will play Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk. Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty) penned the script, while Kat Coiro (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) will serve as the series’ director.

 Previous reports have come out stating Thunderbolt Ross could be making an appearance in the series, and will be the debut of Ross’ alter-ego the Red Hulk. Also reports surfaced that Liv Tyler would be reprising her role as Betty Ross, the daughter of Thunderbolt.

Production on the project is slated to begin in February at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. The series will be apart of Marvel Studios Phase Four, which starts with Black Widow in November.

Source: The Direct

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