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Disney Reaches Return to Work Agreement for 11 Unions at Disneyland

As the saga continues as to when Disneyland will reopen in California, there has now been an agreement put in place with 11 unions that could help with a quicker reopening of the Anaheim-based theme park. The agreement was signed by Disneyland’s largest union the local 50 and a few others as well.

The union outlines some of the issues that were cleared up concerning sick pay as well as Covid19 response. Here are some of the highlights from the agreement.

• Recall from furlough will be done by scheduling group, classification, and classification seniority order.

• Leads, Trainers, some premium positions, and some Carthay Circle classifications will be recalled separately with restrictions.

• Notification of recall will be by telephone at least 7 days in advance.

• If the first phone call wasn’t answered, there will be another call 45 minutes later to follow up.

• If you’re unable to return to work you can decline and if you don’t respond to calls within 3 days you will remain on furlough. The company will move to the next person in seniority order.

• If you change your mind about returning, you may request to be recalled on the next wave of recalls.

• Cast will be subject to health screenings when they report to work. If a temperature reads above 100.4 degrees, cast members will be sent home with report pay.

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With over 15,000 employees being laid off at Walt Disney World and a reported 8700 at Disneyland so far this is a possible glimmer of hope. It also shows the state that Disney is ready when they are to reopen. It has been reported that the state of California will be visiting numerous theme parks this week to get a better feel for preparations.

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