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Disneyland Paris Tightens Strict Mask Policy for Eventual Reopening

As Disneyland Paris remains closed, they are tightening up their health and safety guidelines for an eventual reopening. 

For the past couple weeks France has been under in a strict lockdown, which caused Disney’s Paris resort to close for a second time due to COVID-19. While we do not have a date for reopening, we do know that when this does occur face masks will be required for all guests, regardless of age.

This is a significant change as previous policies have allowed younger guests to visit without masks. Initially the policy required guests 11 and older to wear face masks. Earlier this week the requirement was tightened and mask wearing was mandatory for guests aged 6 and older. This change occurred during the current lockdown, so it never went into effect. Apparently Disney did not think that was enough and just days later removed the age limit completely, requiring all guests to wear masks, regardless of their age.

As previously noted, these changes are being made during a lockdown so they have yet to be implemented. We will monitor all of the changes at any of Disney’s theme parks regarding COVID-19 safety protocols.

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