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Vegas Releases Casting Odds For Marvel Studios’ ‘Fantastic Four’

December 19, 2020Skyler Shuler

During Marvel Studios’ presentation at Disney Investor’s Day meeting last week, Marvel President Kevin Feige revealed that the Fantastic Four would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jon Watts, who is directing the crazy Spider-Man 3 currently, is attached to direct Marvel’s first family. The big question is who will play the iconic characters. Well, Vegas betting site Bovada has released odds on which actors will play the four lead heroes, Reed Richards as Mister Fantastic, Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch, Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman, and Ben Grimm aka The Thing, as well as the key villain Victor Von Doom.

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Odds To Play Mister Fantastic

John Krasinski+225
John David Washington+400
Dan Stevens+450
Deve Patel+700
Ewan McGregor+850
Glenn Howerton+900
Rahul Kohli+1000
William Jackson Harper+1000

Odds To Play The Invisible Woman

Emily Blunt+350
Lily James+500
Samara Weaving+500
Jessica Chastain+600
Alice Eve+700
Anna Torv+800
Dianna Agron+900
Rose McIver+900
Mackenzie Davis+1200

Odds To Play The Human Torch

Anthony Ramos+400
Zac Efron+400
Riz Ahmed+500
Taron Egerton+600
Dacre Montgomery+700
Ansel Elgort+800
KJ Apa+800
Liam Hemsworth+1000
Andrew Garfield+1500

Odds To Play The Thing

Stephen Graham+400
Dean Norris+500
Laz Alonso+550
Ricky Whittle+650
John Cena+700
Dominic Purcell+800
Jared Keeso+1200
Nathan Fillion+1400
Terry Crews+1400
Phillip Brooks+1500
Dwayne Johnson+1800

Odds To Play Doctor Doom

Giancarlo Esposito+350
Cillian Murphy+500
Michael Fassbender+500
Viggo Mortensen+500
Oscar Isaac+600
Christoph Waltz+700
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau+700
Wes Bentley+900

As of now, there are no further details have been on the Fantastic Four reboot. The film is expected sometime in 2023.

Skyler Shuler

In 2013, Skyler Shuler wanted to share his knowledge of Disney films and the magic behind the scenes. So, he created the Instagram account Disney Film Facts and the page quickly garnered a following. Soon after a Twitter was created, and not long after that DisneyFilmFacts.com was born. The page has been lucky enough to garner a wonderful following of such amazing Disney and movie fans, as well as been sourced in some of the biggest entertainment sites in the world. In 2018, the page was rebranded to The DisInsider, and the rest was history!


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    Vegas Releases Casting Odds For Marvel Studios’ ‘Fantastic Four’

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