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Walt Disney World To Stop Selling New Annual Passes

On the heels of last week’s announcement that Disneyland will be sunsetting the annual pass program, there is more news coming from Disney Parks. Walt Disney World has announced that they will not be selling new annual passes. So if you decided to keep your WDW pass, then you are in luck.

Walt Disney World reopened in July under a ton of criticism. But they have proved above and beyond that they were able to do it in a safe matter. They have kept a lower capacity and have followed all recommendations from the CDC on best ways to operate during a pandemic. They say if you have a current pass you can re-up it but will no longer be selling new passes.

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California’s Disneyland closed in March and has not reopened since because coronavirus metrics in the county where the park is located have not declined to the levels required by the state. Disneyland is refunding all remaining passholders what is left on their passes. They have not said how many passes or how much this will cost the company.

So if you have a WDW pass, hang on to that puppy. Because you may not have another chance to buy an annual pass. Stick with us here at The DisInsider for all the news from Disney parks and much more.

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