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Disneyland’s ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ Sets New Record On Both Coasts, Twice!

Two years ago Disneyland’s version of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened before their sister park, Walt Disney World, out in Florida. However, the east coast version was the first to debut the main feature of the new land, the e-ticket attraction Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, opening more than a month before Disneyland’s version. However, Disneyland appears to have fully caught up and has surpassed Florida’s version this week in one area, an area that’s more important than anything else.

Twice this week Disneyland’s version of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance set new records for the maximum number of boarding groups processed through the ride. In other words, Disneyland’s version has set new records for the most guests experiencing the ride in one day.

AT-AT Walkers within Disney’s Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction

On Saturday, June 5th, 2021, Disneyland hit 242 boarding groups in one day, setting a new record, only to break their own record two days later, when on Monday, June 7th, 2021, they processed 243 boarding groups. During this same period Walt Disney World’s version was processing roughly 185-195 groups a day.

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For some background, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is a massive ride in Disney’s Star Wars themed lands Galaxy’s Edge, which is situated in Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios and California’s Disneyland. The ride has no standby line and guests must acquire a virtual boarding group at 7AM and again midday (Noon in Disneyland, 1PM in Disney’s Hollywood Studios). Sometime around the opening of the park (hopefully), the ride will start boarding groups and throughout the day they will work through the boarding groups, starting from 1-10 and working their way up. If the ride is moving slow and experiencing breakdowns, the ride will not get through as many boarding groups compared to when the ride is running smooth with no hiccups.

Disneyland’s version of Rise of the Resistance has only been operating for a little over three months. It opened on January 17th, 2020, and operated for two months before the pandemic related shut down. The park reopened on April 30th, 2021, adding roughly five weeks of operation time. Out in Florida, their version has been operating for 14 months, as the ride opened one month earlier and the park reopened nine months before Disneyland.

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Kylo Ren animatronic on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Compared to the stats we were seeing when the ride initially debuted on both coasts, the current boarding group totals are extremely impressive. There were times early on when both versions would max out boarding groups in the mid 70s.

Even with Disneyland setting new records at 243 boarding groups and Walt Disney World consistently hitting boarding groups in the upper 190s, these rides can actually process even more groups. This is good news for future guests who want the best opportunity to ride this ride. As the kinks continue to be worked out and downtime is diminished, this ride will begin setting new records every week.

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