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Star Wars: Cavan Scott on The High Republic’s Big Baddie

Scott, who penned Star Wars: The High Republic novel “The Rising Storm,” talks about villain Marchion Ro.

Okay, so let’s set some ground rules. I am going to talk about The Rising Storm and Star Wars: The High Republic here. However, I am going to try and get through this without being overly spoilery. That typed, if you plan on reading The Rising Storm and want to go into it knowing nothing, punch it.

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Now then, if you’ve been reading the Star Wars: The High Republic novels and comics, you know exactly who “Marchion Ro” is. And, like me, you’ve been listening on audible, your skin crawls when narrator Marc Thompson breathes life into Ro’s staccato musings.

Simply put, Ro is a bad dude.

Take a hipster version of Thrawn, cross that with the most manipulative ex-friend you’ve ever had, and add more than a touch of crazy. That’s Ro.

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Meanwhile, Marchion also runs a gang of ruthless marauders, murderers, and thieves. And, as Nihil, they don’t like the Republic. So, with those facts front and center,’s Dustin Diehl sat down with writer Cavan Scott to talk about the complex character’s composition and motivations.

“I really struggled at first to know whether we should see in his head,” said Scott to “My first instinct was that we should never see in his head. But then I kept writing scenes when I did exactly that. Because he’s so fascinating, and because I didn’t want him to be a cypher in the book.

Marchion Ro, The High Republic, Star Wars

“I do find him a fascinating villain because he is a great manipulator,” added Cavan. “He’s not necessarily a great planner, in the way that we’ve seen with the Emperor or, to an extent, Maul — and definitely Dooku. But he’s someone who rolls with the punches and reacts very, very quickly, and I think that’s why I find him so interesting and what makes him so scary. Because he’s very difficult to knock down.

When you think you’re knocking him down, he’s coming up with a new plan immediately. And he can think on his feet and he will always, most of the time, come out on top at the end of it. I think it’s going to be fascinating when we delve more into his past, to explore why that is the case.

Cavan Scott on The High Republic’s antagonist, Marchion Ro

And that, my friends, was JUST the answer to the first question.

However, that explanation is the best reason to read The High Republic series. Man-eating sentient plans aside, this guy really makes you hate him.


But I have to stop there. Mr. Scott engineered quite a tome in The Rising Storm. Moreover, Diehl’s deal sets the table for future stories in The High Republic. So, if you want to know more, check out the full Q & A. Otherwise, get thee to a bookstore, Amazon, or Audible.

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