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Report: Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi Series is Almost Done Filming?

A trusted Star Wars source notes actors’ words/actions hint at the end of filming for Disney Plus’ Kenobi series…

What an amazing time for Star Wars fans!

Thank the Maker, we anticipate the arrival of so many live-action projects over the next couple of years. And, in the meantime, it looks like more and more news on those projects is incoming.

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Lest we focus too much on the future (much to the chagrin of Master Yoda), let’s keep our attention in the here and now.

Bespin Bulletin, who frequently brings Star Wars scoops to the forefront for fans, is doing some good detective work.

The Tweet

Read the whole article here.

The Report

Obi-Wan Kenobi
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Moreover, and to synopsize, Bespin Bulletin noted several instances where actors attached to Kenobi indicated, by word or action, that they were moving on, presumably, from Tatooine.

Meanwhile, Bespin Bulletin added, “Many may think it’s a bit of a short shoot for Kenobi, but it’s relatively in line with The Mandalorian which just like Kenobi is very reliant on the volume. Kenobi began filming in April, so if it wraps this month it would be four months of filming (five if next month).”

Of course, and as Master Kenobi would say, “patience” is in order as we await the final word from the set.

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However, given the number of clues left by the cast, and precedence in terms of the filming schedule. We could be hearing “Cut… that’s a wrap” from director Deborah Chow sometime soon.

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