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Discussing The Bad Batch Season 1 (and 2)

The folks behind The Bad Batch spill (a lot) on the first season and (a little) on the future of Clone Force 99

Recently, Dan Brooks over at StarWars.com sat down with Director Brad Rau and Executive Producer/Head Writer Jennifer Corbett to talk The Bad Batch.

In a lengthy, informative interview, Brooks had Rau and Corbett discuss the many twists and turns from Season 1 and what might soon be coming in Season 2 of the Disney+ Star Wars show.

Light spoilers ahead….

Season 1 Review

The Bad Batch
Image: StarWars.com

Early in the Q & A, Brooks boiled down the themes of the inaugural season and, most specifically about Clone Force 99, asking themselves, “What is my purpose?”

“We didn’t want to have everyone’s purpose locked in at the end of Season 1,” said Rau. “It’s something that they deal with in a big way as we move into Season 2.

“What is their purpose from all of their different points of view? It’s going to be a big deal, something we really wanted to dig into.”

Speaking of POV, Brooks also mentioned his believing Omega acted as a surrogate for fans on a “meta-level.”

The Bad Batch
Image: StarWars.com

“Dan, you’re right,” said Corbett. “Her interaction with them is just relatable because, having grown up with three older brothers, they were people that I idolized. I just wanted to always hang out with them, and mimic them, and do what they did, so I could be as cool as they are.

“Audiences can relate to that, especially kids.”

Hunter, Omega, The Bad Batch
Image: StarWars.com

Viewers can also relate to the day-to-day struggles The Bad Batch encounter. Food, money, job, family.

It was fun to get into that with the Bad Batch, just with this small group, trying to figure out how they survive,” added Rau. “How they go about getting food and getting fuel and all of these things, now that they’re not part of an army, we found as went forward were some of the juicier things to deal with for sure.”

Season 2 Notes

The Bad Batch
Image: StarWars.com

And while the creative pair kept clear of too many spoilers for Season 2, they did confirm certain eventualities.

  • Season 2’s storyline will involve the fate of all the clones, not just Clone Force 99.
  • The “fate” of Crosshair’s inhibitor chip
  • We’ll continue to explore the fate and future of cloner Nala Se in Season 2.

Corbett told StarWars.com:

What we’ll say is, where Nala Se is, what Nala Se is doing, should be a mystery to the audience, and we hope to explore that in the upcoming season.

But not everything needs to be a mystery. Check out the full article at StarWars.com.

The Bad Batch
Image: StarWars.com

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