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Watching Star Wars – The Bad Batch: Episode 15

As the season winds down, Clone Force 99 (and Omega) head home….

This article assumes knowledge up through Episode 14 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. I’ll try to be as spoiler-free as possible, but depending on your desire for hint-free viewing, it might be smart to…

…move along. Image: Lucasfilm.

Final Steps

The Bad Batch, Star Wars

The beginning of the end (of Season 1), “Return to Kamino,” debuted early, early this morning (here on the East Coast). But I needn’t have hurried to watch. Disney+ entitled the Episode 14 “Finale Part I” and also know that Disney recently announced Season 2 of The Bad Batch.

My guess is that next week may not deliver any real resolution to the plight of “Clone Force 99.”

Setting up this week’s adventure, Kristen Baver reminded us of where The Bad Batch stood after last Friday.

Baver posted:

The Bad Batch, Hunter

Hunter left behind.

The distress in Omega’s voice is heartbreaking. At every turn, the youngest member of the Bad Batch has been the moral compass, helping those in need whether they were friends or foes. Now with Hunter left behind, the leader issues the order to get the rest of his people to safety and there’s nothing Omega can do about it.

Omega, The Bad Batch
Omega. Image:

So today, The Batch, minus dad, headed to Kamino (much to the further chagrin of Omega).

Where Are We?

Now, to recap how we start:

TK Troopers. Image:
  1. Kamino evacuated, with only select staff (including Omega’s former “guardian” Nala Sel) relocated to somewhere.
  2. Lama Su (we met him first in Attack of the Clones) assasinated.
  3. TK troopers (proto Stormtroopers) now en vougue.
  4. Crosshair holds Hunter prisoner.
The Bad Batch, Hunter
Hunter is in trouble. Image:

Now, I can tell you that this week’s episode is very much worth a watch. Yes, there have been a couple of shows, which seem to be mostly exposition. However, today you must actually listen to the dialogue. Think about previous episodes. Moreover, you should really remember one more episode remains in the season.

Finally, want to know more? Check out’s Bad Batch First Look: “Return to Kamino.”

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