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Marvel Reportedly Already Developing Its Next Animated Series For Disney+

It’s been quite the hectic week for Marvel fans…in the best way possible.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has gotten nothing but fantastic reviews, a new trailer for Eternals dropped, and the very first look at Spider-Man: No Way Home is still currently breaking the internet. Although everything in the near future looks promising, Marvel is taking no breaks from planning beyond that.

While the studio is knee deep into the first season of its first animated series What If…?, it’s already working on its next animated venture.

Even though we knew that Marvel was already planning to continue exploring the animated space, according to industry insider Daniel RPK (who has a pretty good track record at being right), the next series has already been greenlit and is also being planned for Disney+. Additionally, the show has received an eight-episode order and a female writer has been specifically requested to lead the series.

Now, even though it isn’t clear who the show will follow or if/where it falls in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Daniel did share some interesting plot details.

For instance, the protagonist will reportedly be a teenager (aged between 14-16), and the series will follow her and her brother as they travel on a road trip/mission of some sort following the death of their father. They’ll be accompanied by an artificially intelligent character.

The three are expected to encounter “interesting and fun” situations that further the overarching plot and bring them all together à la Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Daniel also notes that despite the protagonist being a teen, the show won’t necessarily be for kids. We doubt it’ll be too graphic, but expect it to be just as violent and vulgar as the rest of Marvel Studios series thus far.

Now, could this show and synopsis be a placeholder or a blueprint for something bigger? Possibly.

As always, because this project hasn’t been officially confirmed by Marvel or any major trade, regardless of however often Daniel is right, we urge you all to take this news with a grain of salt.

Should it come to fruition though, we’re sure it’ll dominate the weekly conversation just like all the other Marvel/Disney+ series have. We’ll continue to provide updates if/as they become available.

Source: Daniel RPK

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