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Ashley Eckstein Talks Ahsoka Tano and Her Love of Star Wars

The voice of the animated and book-borne Ahsoka Tano fills in her personal story for Disney fans.

I remember seeing the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie in theaters. Yes, I am the one (it brought in a little over $68-million worldwide).

Not knowing what was coming, afterward, I recall being a little confused. It was not because I didn’t enjoy the movie (I saw it twice in theaters), but because I wanted to understand Lucasfilm’s play with Ahsoka.

“Sky Guy” and “Snips” punctuated the action with less than digestible banter. But, there were moments that really resonated with me as a Star Wars fan. However, I would say that my heart still felt loyal to Genndy Tartakovsky’s version of Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Image: Lucasfilm

That said, I liked Ahsoka, even back in 2008.

Fast forward to 2021, and Ahsoka remains very high on my favorite Star Wars character list. And I think voice actor Ashley Eckstein is a huge part of that.

“When Ahsoka first came out, she was not loved,” explained Eckstein succinctly (but with a laugh) in a new video posted by Disney’s social media accounts. “And then I thought, ‘You know what, I’m going to go to the fans and just ask them for patience.”

Image: Disney

Given patience, Ahsoka was….

“Because we were always a season ahead, and I knew how far she had come just in one season,” added Ashley. “I said [to fans] ‘Look, trust me. Just go on this journey with her.’ And I said, ‘If you stick with her, I promise you; you’re going to like this character.

“And that’s what happened.”

Image: Disney

Eckstein told viewers that after just one season, Ahsoka had “changed people’s minds.”

Moreover, Eckstein became one of the most beloved performers in a galaxy far, far away.

However, Ashley does not take her role in The Saga for granted.

Image: Disney

“Ahsoka means so much to me that literally, I wake up every day, and I try to be a real-life version of Ahsoka.

“Because I’m just a fan, too.”

Check out the whole video. Eckstein is great (and so is the animation)!

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