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‘Among The Stars’ on Disney+ October 6

NASA, Among The Stars

Image: NASA/Disney+

New show focuses on the “vast world of NASA”

This week, Disney+ introduced a new series, Among The Stars, hitting the platform on October 6. With all episodes set to debut on the same day, the show will focus on the final mission of NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy and the space agency’s work to repair AMS – the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a device which “aims to reveal the origins of the universe.”

Among The Stars

Disney+ added:

Image: Disney+

Through intimate footage, personal video diaries and live stream footage — stationed both on Earth and in space — viewers are given a first look at the critically important team of engineers, flight controllers, and specialists who take on these dangerous and awe-inspiring missions for the greater good.

Disney+ on Among The Stars

The show looks to bridge the gap between NASA’s space shuttle program and the future of the agency. With an inside look at the lives of astronauts and scientists from around the globe, cameras received unparalleled access to space-centric installations worldwide.

The World of NASA

[F]rom NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to the European Space Agency in Cologne to the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency outside of Tokyo and the Russian Space Agency in Star City – viewers are transported around the world as they follow Captain Cassidy in his training to depart to the International Space Station,” explained a Disney+ release. “With his team on the ground and under immense pressure to finalize everything, his last mission quickly becomes uncertain as the world goes into lockdown from COVID-19.”

Also profiled in the show are:

Image: NASA/Disney+
  • Captain Cassidy’s partner astronaut, Luca Parmitano from the European Space Agency;
  • Drew Morgan, a rookie NASA astronaut who gets the chance of a lifetime to repair the AMS;
  • Emily Nelson, AMS flight director and the 10th female flight director at NASA;
  • Heather Bergman, AMS spacewalk tools manager at NASA who leads a team dedicated to creating spacewalk tools;
  • professor Samuel Ting, Nobel Prize winner for discovering the J/Psi meson subatomic particle and AMS Inventor;
  • and Ken Bollweg, AMS project manager who has worked hand-in-hand with professor Ting on the AMS experiment from its inception 25 years ago.

The Offical Trailer

Check out the official trailer:

The show, produced by Fulwell 73 Productions for Disney+ streams in its entirety on October 6.

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