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Star Wars: Visions – Explore the Series! pulled out all the stops on in-depth coverage of the new Star Wars anime series….

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Star Wars Visions, Disney+
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The series, presented in an anime format, tells nine non-canon stories with “dotted-line” connections to the existing Star Wars universe.

Without the hard tether to The Saga, Star Wars: Visions goes beyond Marvel’s “What…If?” by presenting new characters, timelines, creatures, and locations.

It’s a lot to keep track of, right?

Exploring Star Wars: Visions

Star Wars: Visions
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Thank The Maker, has us covered.

The awesome team at The Mother Ship wrote:

[F]ans can go behind the scenes of each episode with Star Wars: Visions Filmmaker Focus, a special series of featurettes, also streaming now on Disney+.

For more on Visions, check out’s in-depth coverage:

Stay tuned to for Visions Episode Guides… as well as highlights from every short, and more!

The Twins: A Deeper Dive

Star Wars, Lucasfilm, Star Wars: Visions
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For example, of The Twins,’s Dan Brooks wrote:

Luke and Leia form the heart of the original trilogy: a brother and sister that represent new hope for the galaxy and the chance to restore the Jedi Order. Trigger’s Star Wars: Visions short, “THE TWINS,” takes that idea and deftly turns it on its head. “THE TWINS” presents an alternate galaxy in which the Empire has created two siblings, Am and Karre, through the power of the dark side.

“It plays with other bits of lore too, from Star Destroyers to kyber crystals, bending the reality of what we know about them,” added Brooks. “In the end, “THE TWINS” plays out like a love letter to Star Wars that subverts it at the same time, making for a story that delivers surprises while staying true to themes and lessons of the saga.”

The whole series is worth your time, read my review:

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