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Disneyland Resort May Open WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure For Standby

For those who haven’t had the chance to experience the newest E-Ticket attraction at the Disneyland Resort, WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, all that may change. Fellow Disney insider Scott Gustin, took to Twitter to share some changes on how Disney plans to operate the Avenger Campus attraction.

Disneyland may now opt to pause virtual queue enrollment from time to time and open the standby queue for the remainder of an operating day. Disneyland updated the wording on its website to reflect the policy change. The site now says “may require guests to join a virtual queue” vs. the old phrasing that said “join the virtual queue to experience it.” What does it mean? This basically means Disneyland can choose to open up the standby queue during the afternoon — and guests can check the Disneyland app for the attraction status. If it says virtual queue, join. If it doesn’t, you can join the standby queue.

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The Avengers are setting up new Headquarters and training facilities around the globe to inspire all potential recruits willing to step up and become something more. As part of this global initiative, Tony Stark has founded the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, or WEB for short, to develop advancements in super-powered technology, including new enhancements to Spider-Man’s suit as their debut project. By bringing together the world’s brightest young inventors, the WEB is creating new interfaces that will empower all of us to join the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest. Besides Peter Parker, other young recruits at WEB include Harley Keener, Moon Girl, and Squirrel Girl.

Guests join WEB and utilize Spider-Man’s web-shooters to fire webs at screens as the ride vehicle engages in a “swinging sensation,” akin to the superhero’s web-swinging through New York City’s skyscrapers.

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