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Indiana Jones 5 Pushed Back to 2023

Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford

Image: Lucasfilm

The fourth delay for Dr. Jones & Co. puts the release date for the fifth Indy adventure on June 30, 2023…

Those of you who put an “x” on your 2022 calendar for Indiana Jones 5 should’ve listened to Dr. Jones:

Xnever, ever, marks the spot.

Dr. Henry Jones Jr.

Apparently, nor does “X” correctly mark the release date for an “Indiana Jones” film. On Monday, multiple outlets posted news that pushed back the premieres of several well-known Disney properties, including Indy’s fifth installment.

No Time For Love Dr. Jones (in 2022)

Unfortunately for Indiana Jones fans, this fourth delay sets the wait following Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 20, 2008) over 15-years.

Adam Chitwood of The Wrap/Yahoo Entertainment explained:

Indiana Jones

Disney announced a slew of release date changes on Monday, including (hilariously) yet another delay for “Indiana Jones 5”… to its new release date of June 30, 2023. Which means that when the “Indiana Jones” sequel finally hits theaters, star Harrison Ford will be weeks shy of his 82nd birthday.

Chitwood also wrote, “Ford’s age and the ‘Indiana Jones’ sequel have been something of a running joke over the years, as a fifth film in the franchise has been rumored ever since the 2008 release of ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ yet tricky to actually materialize.

“Ford was already 65 when the fourth ‘Indy’ film was released, and as development on ‘Indiana Jones 5’ seemingly stalled out in the ensuing years, many figured Ford would be replaced in the role with a reboot featuring a younger actor.”

Ford = Jones

Chitwood ain’t kidding.

“And yet, images from the set of ‘Indiana Jones 5’ have shown that Ford can still wear the hell out of that iconic outfit and fedora,” added Chitwood. “And the actor has been effusive in his eagerness to return to the role.”


Currently, one of my favorite pastimes is scouring the net to see new mentions of Ford and co. on set.

Finally, I’ll cop to a down feeling about the delay. However, Ford, Director James Mangold, and a cast and crew of thousands now enjoy more time to make Indy 5 one for the history books.

Until then, keep it here on TheDisInsider for all the latest on Indiana Jones 5 – and count to twenty (23). In Greek.

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