RUMOR: ‘World War Hulk’ Film In Development At Marvel, Could Begin Production As Early As Next Year

The last time Bruce Banner was the hero of his own story was over a decade ago in 2008. Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk was not only a foundation for the MCU as we know it, but it was literally one of the first films in the franchise (the second, to be precise). While both the character’s actor and appearance have changed in the time since, that hasn’t stopped him from receiving his own arcs and action in other films.

One reason for the lack of a followup feature has been Universal’s gatekeeping of the character’s rights. The first film was a joint venture between Universal and a pre-Disney Marvel Studios, however, since the House of Mouse absorbed the company, the two have struggled to negotiate a deal that would allow for another solo story…until now, that is.

Now, as far as we know publicly, Universal still owns the rights to The Incredible Hulk; however, according to sources close to the news site The GWW, Disney and Marvel Studios may have finally regained those rights and are already planning a proper sequel film.

The site goes on to say that the highly anticipated She-Hulk series over at Disney+ will set up the film and that the popular World War Hulk storyline is being strongly considered for the film. Seeing as how there are various rumors about She-Hulk‘s series introducing other “Hulk-like” characters such as Skaar and Red Hulk to the MCU, it is possible there is some validity to this report.

However, as most know some of that story’s DNA was sprinkled into Thor: Ragnarok, so if Marvel were to go that route they’d have to approach it slightly differently. Regardless, if done right, it could make for a huge spectacle (imagine Mortal Kombat with Hulks!).

One other detail the site mentions is that production on project is potentially being planned for late 2022.

If true, that would mean that an Incredible Hulk sequel could set the stage for the fifth phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

As always though, because this hasn’t been confirmed by any major trade, or even either of the studios themselves, we urge you to take this report with a grain of salt. However, we’ll continue to follow this story and provide future updates if/when they become available.


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