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RUMOUR: ‘Nova’ Movie Reportedly in Development

Marvel Studios is speeding things up on multiple projects and according to Geeks Worldwide, a lot of projects are set to begin production in 2023.

Fantastic Four, an Okoye series (or movie), The Thunderbolts, and a Shang-Chi sequel are some of the titles mentioned, but interestingly a movie based on another popular superhero, Nova, was mentioned.

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Kevin Feige teased Nova’s MCU debut earlier this year and it looks like those plans are going full-speed ahead.

Richard Rider (AKA Nova) was created by Marv Wolfman in 1966 before being introduced into the Marvel Comics lineup in 1976. As Nova, Rider possesses superhuman strength, injury-resistance, the ability to fly, and he also harnesses an energy-based power called the Nova Force.

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Nova has almost made appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at least twice with planned appearances in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity War ending up cut before filming would begin.

While Nova is reportedly set to begin production in 2023, there is always a possibility of seeing him appear beforehand. If we did it would likely be in Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 3, since the character already has ties to that series – notably being a member of The Nova Corps, a space agency already introduced in the first Guardians movie.


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