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Disney+ Day: Interactive Balloons Pop-Up Across The World

Disney+ Day is shaping up to be one of the most exciting things The Walt Disney Company has done since last year’s Disney Investor Day. In addition to its ongoing deals and exploration into the NFT space, the company is now continuing to build hype by literally inflating it.

All across America this week, Disney embarked on an inflatable balloon tour. From the Meatpacking District in NYC to LA’s Santa Monica Pier, all week long large interactive inflatable balloons have been appearing to both tease and excite fans for what’s to come on Friday.

So far, some of the characters and brands featured in this marketing campaign include Olaf (who will be getting his own short series beginning Friday titled Olaf Presents), Boba Fett, and National Geographic.

You can check out photos of some of the balloons that have popped up so far this week, but be sure to follow @DisneyPlus to see where they wind up next.

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