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Disney Didn’t Provide an Update, but Rick Riordan Did

While Disney+ Day didn’t provide an update on the upcoming Percy Jackson series,
the author gave a short snippet on the status of the show…

No, my friends, there was no update on Disney’s upcoming Percy Jackson TV series during the deluge that was “Disney+ Day.”

Like Star Wars fans, who came away non-plussed by the lack of new footage or details, there was nothing new about the “Son of Poseidon” during the near-constant updates last Friday.

However, Rick Riordan did give an update of his own on Saturday.

A Short Snippet

Of course, Rick didn’t reveal too much. But the short update was a bit of fresh air for fans of the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” book series, especially for those holding their breath trying to forget the ill-begotten first try at an on-screen adaptation (or capture the energy from the successful stage play).

That said, the bestselling author attempted to temper expectations of any news coming before the end of 2021.

“Not much I can report since last” time,” wrote Riordan on his blog. “But everything is good, and we are working furiously.

“As I said before, we are working to finish the first four scripts for PJOTV by the New Year, which we anticipate will be our final hurdle before an official green light,” he added.

Rick Riordan

That hasn’t changed. We’re on track and everyone is happy with the progress, but it’s unlikely you will hear any other big news from me about PJOTV until the start of 2022. That doesn’t mean things aren’t cooking along nicely behind the scenes, though…

Author Rick Riordan on the status of the Percy Jackson series

Non-Percy News

However, fans of Riordan’s books have plenty of new news to peruse.

Daughter of the Deep retains a top spot on the New York children’s bestseller list, and Rick updated the status of other projects in his cadre.

And there was a cute photo of his dog, Speedy, looking out the window at autumn in Boston – bonus.

Rick Riordan's dog, Speedy
Speedy. Image: Rick Riordan.


However, Rick knew that fans were impatiently awaiting another shot at seeing The Lightning Thief on screen. So, Riordan did what any good author would do – he prescribed reading.

“Until next time, stay well and read some good books!” posted Riordan.

“Me, I am working my way through Dante’s Purgatory in Italian,” he added. “It seems appropriate somehow — a book about praying, waiting, and climbing a really big hill!”

All-in-all, Riordan’s tone remained upbeat and consistent in his messaging – everything is on track, and it’s just a matter of time before everyone’s patience pays off.

Meanwhile, here’s hoping that this Central Mass-based blogger meets Mr. next time I’m in downtown Boston.

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