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Percy Jackson Series “Update”

Not too much in the way of new news, but Rick Riordan and sets the stage for 2022…

Last year, so many people expressed their excitement over the return of Percy Jackson to any screen!

Our phenomenon coverage garnered some of the top hits at TheDisInsider during 2021. So, when 2022 started, I was hoping for some big news. However, that’s NOT how Hollywood works (unfortunately).

But, thankfully, that is how the Riordans do work. Fans squarely in mind, both Riordans were straightforward about the progress of the upcoming Disney series adapting Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Notes from Becky and Rick

Percy Jackson
Image: RickRiordan.com

Case in point, during the week between Christmas and New Year, Becky Riordan, who is the keeper of everything Riordan @CampHalfblood, explained that most folks at Disney were on vacation and doubled down on the idea that there’s no solid timeline for new news.

Meanwhile, writer Rick Riordan, Becky’s husband, wrote on his blog:

Rick Riordan

This is going to be just repeating myself mostly, because it’s really all I can share at this stage, but we are working on finishing the first four scripts of season one of PJOTV, which follows the narrative of The Lightning Thief. These are due to the studio early next month so we can (hopefully) get approved with a full green light, which will let us gear up for full production and start filming probably next summer... After the last two years of working behind the scenes to get this show off the ground, I am optimistic that 2022 will be the year it kicks into high gear and actually gets made. Casting for the main roles of Percy, Annabeth and Grover is underway, as I said in my last post. Nothing is decided. Everything is still very much in progress.

The full post is a must for any fan of “RIordanverse.” And if you are not following @camphalfblood on Twitter, well, that isn’t very smart.

Who Will Play Annabeth?

Meanwhile, one thing is decided: Alexandra Daddario said she would not be returning to the Percy Jackson fold.

Daddario, who played Annabeth Chase in the first two films, will not be part of the reboot series.

“I loved ‘Percy Jackson.’ Like, I loved it. When I stepped into ‘Percy Jackson‘ and got that job, I had no idea what it was,” she told The Wrap.

Image: Disney Plus

“I was like, a bit part actor in New York City, you know? I was a kid, I was working at a bar, I didn’t have any idea of Hollywood or of all this stuff. And so when I got that job, I didn’t really know what I was stepping into. I knew it was a really big movie. And it was the most amazing experience for a 22/23-year-old to have.”

But don’t look for Daddario anytime soon.

“I am so excited for the kids that are going to be cast in that and how they’ll inspire a new generation of young women. Like it’s so cool, Annabeth is a really inspiring character to people,” she told The Wrap.

Meanwhile, I haven’t yet seen any update for those looking to audition for the part of Annabeth since Becky tweeted:

UPDATED: Read, John. Read.

Finally, keep it here for all the latest on Disney’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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