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Indiana Jones Journal: Frank Marshall on Indy V

Indiana Jones

Veteran producer tweets that production for Indiana Jones V is entering the home stretch…

As Sue said of Hollywood in the movie Swingers, “It’s derivative…” as the cast of that film cashes in on a Reservoir Dogs homage. Anyway, I saw Uncharted on Friday, and, well, yeah. Derivative.

And, frankly speaking (pun intended), nothing makes me want to see new “Indiana Jones” more than seeing “old Indy” done poorly.

Frank Tweets Frankly

Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and Harrison Ford on the set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Image: IMDB/Lucasfilm

Meanwhile, enter “Indy 5” producer Frank Marshall, who today tweeted:

“Hone stretch…” is vague. But, clearly, purposeful.

As are the good wishes passed on by Amblin Entertainment.

“May you have smooth sailing to production’s completion, Frank, Kathy and James,” Tweeted Steven Spielberg’s Amblin. “And as for those on-screen baddies, give ’em hell, Harry!”

Frank is Marshall, Kathy is Kathy Kennedy, and James is James Mangold. And, Harry is, of course, Harrison Ford. AKA, Indiana Jones, himself.

Moreover, how exciting to hear this is all coming to fruition, especially after the many delays due to COVID-19 and an injury to Harry, er, Mr. Ford.

Expounding Upon It

Now then, there’s been nary a word from Mr. Mangold or Harrison; however, this tweet remains telling.

Finally, here’s hoping we’re reading something similar in 2023.

Image: Lucasfilm

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