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Indiana Jones Notebook, January 16: LEGO Jones and Animated Indy

LEGO-watchers think we’ll get to search for tiny “Fortune and Glory” soon; Fans swoon (again) about Patrick Schoenmaker’s animated Indy…

Love LEGOs? Love Indiana Jones? Well, if you also love pain, just look up “Indiana Jones LEGOs” on Google shopping.

Yep, it’s a self-inflicted whip-crack to the shin.

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Apparently, there are a whole lot of folks who love Indy in LEGO form.

So, it wouldn’t shock me that:

  • The below story is true.
  • We won’t be able to find any Indiana Jones-themed LEGOs, even if so…

LEGO-watching Site Sees Indiana Jones in our Future

Citing another site, The Brick Fan believes new Indiana Jones LEGOs will hit shelves (however briefly) this fall.

There’s a new rumor that we could be seeing the return of the LEGO Indiana Jones theme later this year. StoneWars is reporting that an online ship has listed a range of sets (75571-75574) codenamed “Coconut” that will be releasing in October that suggests that the theme will make its return after 13 years.

How these things correlate, or how we can discern any of that from what looks to be a German site, I do not know. Unlike Henry Jones Jr. I am no linguist.

However, as I will be one of Mola Ram’s zombies waiting in line at Target for these foot torture devices, I wanted to give the note it’s due.

Animated Indy Resurfaces

Meanwhile, it’s back to the future.

And, I am thrilled to see Patrick Schoenmaker’s fan-trailer of Indiana Jones get some love.

Back in the day, From Director Steven Spielberg talked to the artist about his motivation.

My father had a huge collection of videotapes and he had a copy of Raiders and later the other Indy films as well. I can’t remember exactly at what age I first saw Raiders, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t of the pg14 age. The scary parts intrigued me, but at the same time scared me to death. It’s safe to say Raiders left a permanent scar on my inner core somewhere. It was really a life-changing experience, but for the better. As a kid I just loved the adventure and heroics. When I got older I really started to appreciate the sort of everyman qualities of Indiana Jones. No matter how boring our life is, you can always pick up your gear and go on an adventure. You don’t need to be a superhero to survive. A handful of sand in the eye of your opponent is enough to get you through the day. I also like the way the Indiana Jones stories plant fantastical elements in real-world history, making both the fantastical feel more real, but also make history look more romantic.

And the animated Indy does the same. Have a re-watch:

Until next time, adventurers…

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