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Exclusive: Interview with the Biggest Star of Star Wars!

Last week we were lucky to catch up with a popular actor who has starred in the Star Wars franchise since its inception in 1977. He has appeared in ten Star Wars feature films, including all nine in The Skywalker Saga, and was recently reprised his role in The Book of Boba Fett on Disney+.

Jordan: Thank you for finding time for me in your busy schedule.


Jordan: Let’s jump right into it. We last saw you a few weeks ago in The Book of Boba Fett. How did you manage to keep your role a secret?

R2D2: Broooo-Bree-BRuuuup!

Jordan: That’s all it took?

R2D2: DrruurRRP 

Jordan: How exciting. You’ve been such an integral part of the Star Wars universe since the very beginning. And you’ve worked with a lot of stars, do you have a favourite?

R2D2 [Excited Waddling]: BRUP-BROOP-BREEP

Jordan: Oh nice! And do you have a least favourite?

R2D2 [Sad Noise]: broooooo…..

Jordan: That’s quite surprising… moving on… what has been your favourite Star Wars project – movie or series?


Jordan: Well, I suppose someone has to like that one. Now, in October it will be 10 years since the franchise was bought by The Walt Disney Company. Do you think it has changed for the better?

R2D2 [Looking deep into my eyes]: BrooUpBroooooBreeeeeee!

Jordan [Nodding]: Of course – of course! And how is your relationship with C-3PO? He is yet to appear in any Star Wars television series and when you do share the screen there is some… animosity between the two of you and –

R2D2 [Inturupting]: BRU-BRU-BRUP!

Jordan: A lot of the upcoming Star Wars movies have been delayed, can you give us an inkling as to when we can expect the next movie?

R2D2: Breep-Brep-Broo!

Jordan: Knives Out 2?


Jordan: Well, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me.

R2D2: Brep!

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