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Joseph Kosinski Reveals What Happened to ‘Tron: Ascension’

While we wait for news on the Jared Leto-led Tron: Ares, Vulture sat down with Tron Legacy director, Joseph Kosinski and he went into detail on his now canceled, Tron: Ascension.

While doing press for his newest blockbuster hit, Top Gun Maverick, Kosinski revealed how close he was to getting Tron: Ascension, which would have brought the Tron: Legacy cast back, to getting made before Disney pulled the plug.

“I got so close. I really tried. I got close in 2015, and Disney pulled the plug on it. I hadn’t built anything, but I had the whole movie storyboarded and written. I was really excited because it was inverting the idea: It was all that stuff coming into our world, and it was about the blending of the two. But it was a different Disney by 2015. When I made Tron: Legacy, they didn’t own Marvel; they didn’t own Star Wars. We were the play for fantasy and science fiction. And once you’ve got those other things under your umbrella, it makes sense that you’re going to put your money into a known property and not the weird art student with black fingernails in the corner — that was Tron. And that’s okay. Had I made Tron: Ascension, I wouldn’t have made Only the Brave, and I wouldn’t have made the movies I made. But remember, the first Tron was not a hit when it came out. It’s a cult classic. And if Tron: Legacy’s becoming the same thing, I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Joseph Kosinski

Kosinski continues to be a hot commodity, and Disney still has plans to work with the director in the future. He has long been attached to Disney’s remake of the Black Hole, but updates on the project have been sparse. I wouldn’t be shocked if he winds up getting attached to a Marvel or Star Wars project down the line, heck, even the multiple Pirates of the Caribbean movies in the works need a director.

As for Tron: Ares

Garth Davis (Lion) is set to direct with Jared Leto (Zack Snyder’s Justice League) on board to star. Last we heard on the project was that Disney was looking for a young Asian actress to co-star, the name we had heard thrown around was Mulan herself, Liu Yifei, as of now, it is unknown if things have changed since. Jesse Wigutow (It Runs in the Family) has written the most recent draft of the script.

While the original 1982 version of the film, starring Jeff Bridges, was met with a cult following, its 2010 sequel was met with mixed reviews. Despite bringing back Bridges, Tron: Legacy didn’t seem to resonate with critics, many stating the film and its characters lacked emotion and substance. However, the film was financially profitable for Disney, and it too has gained its own following, and fans have been clamoring for another film, and don’t worry… you’ll get one.

It is unclear if Jeff Bridges, Garett Hedlund, and/or Olivia Wilde, or any other characters from Tron Legacy will return for the newest Tron film. Check back for more updates on this project as we get them.

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