Taika Waititi ‘Star Wars’ Movie to Film in Los Angeles

Finally, some news on the secretive Taika Waititi Star Wars project has come out. This comes a week after Star Wars Celebration, where Lucasfilm made no mention of their Star Wars movie projects in the works.

In the latest issue of Production Weekly, they have listed Los Angeles as the location Waititi’s project will film. Added to the listing is an additional writer. While there is no mention of a start date, Lucasfilm president, Kathleen Kennedy revealed to GamesRadar that Waititi’s movie will aim for a December 2023 release, meaning the project will be expected to start filming sometime this year. It should be noted, that Production Weekly is not always the most accurate source for production news but they are correct more often than not.

If the listing is correct then then Los Angeles location it would make a lot of sense and would lead me to believe that the movie will film at Manhattan Beach and make use of the Volume, the revolutionary technology used to bring worlds to life on set during filming. This is something Waititi is very familiar with given his work on The Mandalorian and Thor: Love and Thunder, which used the Volume.

Details regarding the project are being kept under wraps but is said to be a new movie outside of the Skywalker Saga. When Thor: Love and Thunder finished filming earlier this year Waititi went straight into development on his Star Wars project.

Taika Waititi’s Star Wars project now takes over the release date previously held by Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron movie. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron had been delayed due to Jenkins’ schedule as she still had Wonder Woman 3 and Cleopatra on the horizon. Jenkins has since left the director’s chair of Cleopatra t to focus on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

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