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Harrison Ford Turns 80 Today

Mark Hamill and many others wished the Han Solo and Indiana Jones actor happy birthday…

“It’s not the age, it’s the mileage.”

Next to “It belongs in a museum,” it might be the most famous utterance of Dr. Henry Jones Jr.

And the phrase seems completely apropos today as Harrison Ford turns 80.

Harrison Ford

All across the galaxy, friends and fans celebrated the milestone with everyone’s favorite curmudgeon.

Tweeting the Love for Harrison

Foremost among the well-wishers was Luke Skywalker, himself: Mark Hamill.

Lucasfilm/Star Wars weighed in.

Steven Spielberg’s outfit got in on the love.

D23 celebrated Harrison.

As did the original Chewbacca’s foundation.

The current Chewbacca remembered, too.

Drew Struzan, who captured Ford’s face on many a poster, shared some sketches.

One of our favorite news outlets took an opportunity to collect the legends in one tweet.

And obviously, the occasion is newsworthy.

A Birthday Gift

And now a gift from me to you on Harrison Ford’s birthday.

When confronted with the impression, Harrison said, “That’s me…”

And thank goodness for that. Happy Birthday, Harry!

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