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Ahhh, Sicily. Harrison Ford Donned Hat, Jacket, Whip in Italy

Paparazzi capture Indiana Jones mid-adventure in Italy…

Did you know that Harrison Ford’s iconic fedora from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom sold recently for $300,000? And, back in 2015, one of Ford’s fedoras from Raiders of the Lost Ark sold for $500,000.

Those two sticker prices really tell you all you need to know; particularly if you wonder why Paparazzi might want to follow Ford around as he films in Italy, and then announce that he donned his hat.

Last week, the UK’s The Daily Mail posted a piece with the headline, “Harrison Ford is dressed in character as he pulls on Indy’s scuffed brown leather jacket and battered hat while filming Indiana Jones 5 aboard a boat in Sicily.”

Sean O’Grady explained:

Harrison Ford films in Sicily as Indy 5 continues production. Image:

Harrison Ford looked well and truly in character as he filmed scenes for Indiana Jones 5 in Sicily, Italy on Thursday.

The actor, 79, sported his usual Indiana Jones costume as he wore a dark brown leather jacket along with a pair of beige trousers.

The legendary film star also donned a tan shirt and dark brown shoes while he carried a brown bag.

Image: The Daily Mail

Of course, seeing Harrison topped with the brown fedora is great, but you’d like to see the production move a little smoother.

And, there have been moments to celebrate, captured by fans in nearby locales to shooting.

Especially since the production moved to Morocco.

For example, this

And that.

But keep it here for the latest from Indiana Jones on set.

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