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“Oh my!” C-3PO Actor Anthony Daniels in Boston

Anthony Daniels, C-3PO

Image: Lucasfilm

The legendary Star Wars ambassador entertained fans at FAN EXPO Boston….

Boston, Mass. — Supposedly, Threepio isn’t much of a storyteller. But his alter ego, Anthony Daniels, can certainly spin a yarn. The legendary Star Wars actor, the man behind the machine, kept the crowd gathered for his panel (entitled “I Am C-3PO: Meet Anthony Daniels“) in stitches as he meandered about the hall, telling tales of his time as a droid.

Most hilarious of his antics included telling the initially sleepy Saturday morning crowd how to greet C-3PO properly.

One fan “took his meaning” and whipped the crowd into a reasonable facsimile of the Ewoks worshiping Threepio in Return of the Jedi.

Not All About Star Wars

He talked about FAN EXPO in Boston, the vast hall filled with fans.

“It isn’t all about Star Wars, which is a shame,” he mused.

Meanwhile, Anthony took many questions in the crowd, whom he prepped by saying to ask questions worthy of “a Hollywood legend.”

And during the Q & A, Daniels talked about issues with his initial C-3PO suit, including difficulty moving and eating. He spoke about his initial work with George Lucas and how disappointed the filmmaker seemed with Daniels throughout the filming of Star Wars (1977). The actor often believed Lucas “hated” him.

Anthony Daniels
Photo: John Bishop

Threepio’s Impact

However, and most importantly, Daniels talked about the impact of C-3PO. How heartening it has been to hear from adults who said they got vaccinated or avoided smoking because of PSAs starring Threepio. He spoke about how important it was to have a character who expressed nervousness and fear amid Jedi, scoundrels, and stormtroopers. And how that helped fans connect with Threepio.

Moreover, as a result of those countless personal stories, Daniels spoke about now watching the movies through the eyes of the fans.

“I like that,” he explained, saying that the collective experience has given him something back. “And I say, [speaking in the voice of C-3PO] ‘Thank you. And may the Force be with you.”

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