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Indiana Jones: Apparently, Quentin Tarantino Prefers ‘Crystal Skull’ over ‘Last Crusade’

The legendary director finds the third Indy installment “boring”…

Okay, today I find myself in a rarified company. I like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. And, apparently, so does auteur filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. Recently, the director qualified his “Indiana Jones” film ranking as putting Crystal Skull over Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Did Quentin choose wisely?

That is a bridge too far (too far a leap of faith?) for this fan, but what he reportedly had to say about “Indy III” and “Indy IV” is pretty interesting.

Indiana Jones
Image: Lucasfilm

I picked up on all of this thanks to a post in Indiewire by Christian Zilko, who cited the Cinema Blend podcast, “Reel Blend,” where Tarantino gave his unique opinion regarding the adventures of Dr. Jones.

Check it out below:

Therein, Zilko quoted Quentin saying:

I like ‘Crystal Skull’ more than the Sean Connery one.

“I don’t like the Sean Connery one. I don’t like [that] one at all,” added. “That’s such a boring one. It’s boring! And he’s not an interesting character. The joke is made immediately.

“It’s like ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.’”

Listen for yourself; it starts around the 23-minute mark.

BTW: To clarify, Tarantino actually said he didn’t dislike Crystal Skull.

Indiana Jones
Image: Lucasfilm

And while I am not sure any Indiana Jones movie should be compared to a Sylvester Stallone/Estelle Getty flick, I will say that I prefer Kingdom of the Crystal Skull over Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

That, in itself, raises eyebrows around my fellow fans. And, Tarantino said, besides Jaws (which he said belongs in its own category), Temple of Doom is his favorite Spielberg film.

But, besides the “grab the snake” part, I have a lot of fun watching Crystal Skull, much more than I have watching Temple.

What do you think? Do you agree with QT? Let us know in the comments. What is your Indiana Jones ranking?

Image: Lucasfilm

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