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‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians’: Disney Parks’ Next Big Thing?

October 29, 2022Josh Martin-Jones

With Percy Jackson & The Olympians headed to Disney+ at some point in the near future, eyes are on Disney to see if they will ever bring Rick Riordan’s iconic character and the rest of the mythical universe to any of the Disney Parks around the globe.

Personally, I think Disney should capitalise on the IP and do the best job possible to bring the IP to the parks.

Camp Half-Blood

When I originally read the series, I would dream of being able to visit Camp Half-Blood. I’m sure many fans of the books would love to visit the camp too! Should Disney bring Percy Jackson & The Olympians to the parks, the Camp which Percy and his friends visit would be a perfect starting point for a themed area. There is so much they could do with the IP.

Here’s a concept I put together within Unity about a possible entrance for the land, imagine walking past Thalia’s Pine and walking through the iconic gate through to the 12 cabins representing the Greek gods. If I had progressed my skills further at uni perhaps I could have produced an actual moving piece of concept design… but maybe I could save that for a follow up piece!

Unity Render of Percy Jackson & The Olympians' Camp Half-Blood Could Look Like in a Disney Park

From the Ampitheater, to the Climbing Wall, the Stables, the Armory, even Thalia’s Pine could all be featured in the area, and Disney certainly has plenty to adapt to bring to the parks.

It’s safe to say that Disney would take their storytelling approach to an land and would want to place the land within a given time frame. Potentially placing the land either during the events of the show or potentially after. A Percy Jackson & The Olympians expansion could show up within Disney’s Hollywood Studios, should there be enough space. The idea of stepping into the world would fit perfectly in that park.

Thrill Ride O’Love

During the first Percy Jackson & The Olympians book, Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson make their way through a theme park ride named Thrill Ride O’ Love. The ride is found in an abandoned theme park named Waterland. Whilst I wouldn’t expect Disney to make their own version of the water-based attraction, hopefully a nod to the attraction would be perfect. Perhaps some theming with a poster?

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief - Thrill Ride O'Love

Night-Time Offerings?

Throw some fireworks or projection mapping in there, why not!? A show celebrating the Greek Gods and the Heroes of Olympus? Disney can pull off some great nighttime offerings, so the addition of more shows and spectacles could be incredibly interesting. Or they could just tie the Percy Jackson IP into an existing nighttime production! What more could you want…

The Big House

Now Disney could do two things with the possible inclusion of Chrion’s House, found within Camp Half-Blood. They either use it as a huge gift shop, where you can purchase all your iconic Percy Jackson & The Olympians and Camp-Half Blood merch, or you could use it for the facade for an attraction, perhaps the land’s main offering! Regardless, Big House is a must for any form of Camp Half-Blood area.

A Traditional “Disney” Land for Percy Jackson

In recent expansions, Disney have typically followed a similar pattern. By introducing two attractions, one being a bigger E-ticket attraction. The other being a smaller, but more efficient people-eater, like a flat ride. Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story Land is the best exmple of this recent trend.

I think having a Percy Jackson trackless E-ticket is 100% necessary. There are a number of set pieces from the book series which could be used for an E-Ticket attraction, as well as a brand new original story which I’m sure Rick Riordan would be incredibly excited to do, especially with a new Percy Jackson book on the way!

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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Battle of the Labyrinth

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Battle of the Labyrinth

Personally, I’d love an attraction set within the Labyrinth seen in The Battle of the Labyrinth. Additionally, I remember the battle itself being an incredibly epic moment in the books. Disney could definitely design a ride that would go through some of the book’s most climactic moments, to a high standard too. Their attention to detail, especially after I visited Rise of the Resistance is impeccable. Could you just imagine some of the Animatronic monsters they’d be able to pull off.

Now imagine a ride in the similar vein to Alien’s Swirling Saucers, but themed to the Gray Sisters Taxi. The Gray Sisters Taxi, also known as the Chariot of Damnation is a taxi that operates in New York, seen in the original film series and books. Disney loves a spinning ride, of course. It’s safe to say ride with this system should always be expected in any form of expansion that Disney do. Just look at Disneyland Paris’ Walt Disney Studios Park

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea of Monsters Film Screenshot

What do you think? How would you bring Percy Jackson & The Olympians to the Disney Parks?


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    ‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians’: Disney Parks’ Next Big Thing?

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